Some Day My Prince Will Come…

In honor of the upcoming expansion of Fantasy World in Magic Kingdom, I’m taking the opportunity to rank my all time favorite Disney Princesses.

For those of you that don’t know about the expansion, Fantasy World, by Fall 2012, will be Disney Princess Central; including an all new Ariel ride, Snow White pavilion, and Belle’s Castle!
It’s going to be incredible!!!
Most of you can already guess who my number one is so for arguments sake I’ll start this way.
I don’t know what it is about Ariel but I LOVE her. Just take a look around the apartment:
Here she is in the bedroom:
Oh, and here she is in the bathroom:
I don’t why it’s always been Ariel, all I know is that my love of her began LONG before I could ever remember. Literally. 
Don’t Believe me?
She’s strong, independent, beautiful, loves the ocean and a tall, dark, handsome man (see, it’s starting to sound A LOT more like me, right?) So, as I was saying, for arguments sake, Ariel is like, the supreme Princess of all Disney Princesses so it’s not even fair to include a professional on a list of amateurs 😉
Now, on to the Count Down!

10.) Mulan, Mulan
Okay, I know, she’s not technically a princess, well, at all actually. She’s a warrior but she’s awesome! I still get chills when I think of the scene where she’s in the rain, then cuts her hair off. Or when she climbs that huge pole! She’s fierce and strong! What every woman, and especially Princess should be! Plus the music is amazing! Who doesn’t still love “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”? (The answer, of course, is NO ONE. This past weekend we were driving Lincoln’s brother, Ben around and all three of us were singing it at the top of our lungs.)
9.) Pocahontas, Pocahontas
Again, I know, not technically a princess, but closer than Mulan for sure. Pocahontas has a special place in my heart. I can still remember being a little kid jumping off my bed like she jumps off the cliff at the beginning of the movie. I still sing “Colors of the Wind” in the shower. Not to mention that scene where she sings with John Smith about “If [she] never knew [him]”. Oh, and let’s keep in the mind the fact that the wind is constantly in her hair and somehow it ALWAYS falls perfectly, all silky and smooth. That’s not just amazing, it’s a super power!
8.) Megara, Hercules 
As a Classical Studies Minor, I feel it’s important to remind everyone that in the actual story of Hercules, Megara is killed by Hercules which is why he goes off defeating monsters. Other than that, I think Meg is, like, hilarious. She’s spunky, she’s sarcastic, and she’s totally in love, though she doesn’t want to be. Not to mention that high-ponytail. Talk about hairspray. And lack of gravity.
Another music note: on our last ride down to Greensburg, Lincoln and I must have listened to “Zero to Hero” a BAZILLION times. Linc kept calling it “church music” for it’s gospel choir feel. Too funny!!
7.) Tiana, The Princess and the Frog

Now I know I’ve said earlier that I’m not the biggest fan of Tiana’s movie, but I give kudos to her. She was the first Disney Princess who didn’t wait around for something to happen to her. She worked hard to get what she wanted, even if it wasn’t what she needed. While this wasn’t my favorite movie, I loved Tiana’s character. I especially loved her flower petal dress.
Oh, I still get nervous around a Princess, even if I know they’re a person in a costume. Proof. (I told her I loved her dress and she said she loved mine and I BLUSHED. Hah)

6.) Jasmine, Aladdin 

Jasmine was beautiful and sassy and frankly a little spoiled. But I know that if I had earrings like that, I’d be a little bratty too. She’s fiery and fierce, and she knows it too. It was because of this movie that I named a large stuffed tiger I owned Raja and I constantly would look at it and say “Oh, Raja!” just like Jasmine did. Not to mention I tried my hand at earrings like hers. Didn’t go well.
Look at the pained expression on my face!!
5.) Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Props to Snow White! She was the FIRST EVER animated princess, let alone Disney Animated princess! She was cheerful and charming and caused me to always wish for a wishing well that sang back to me! I just love singing “Someday My Prince Will Come”!
4.) Rapunzel, Tangled

I just LOVED the newest Disney Princess. She was everything I want from a princess. Not to mention she was SO realistic and funny! Seeing Rapunzel made me want a pet chameleon named Pascal and a tower to paint, and to seek out a real lantern release event thing! I loved all the music of this movie, even the villainess songs! Love Love Love!
3.) Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Aurora, no matter what any new generation will say, IS classic Disney Princess. I remember being a kid and arguing with my sister over which of her dresses was better—the blue or the pink. We loved the fairies (Jenny LOVED Meriwether) and dancing around to “Once Upon A Dream”. It’s such a perfect Prince and Princess movie! Plus, when my cousin, Timmy, was really little he had a HUGE crush on Aurora.
But…. maybe he’s not the best example as to why Aurora is awesome….
2.) Belle, Beauty and the Beast
A princess who likes to read, has brown hair, is a Belle, sings to herself, and falls in love with a beast—sound like anyone we know 😉
Teehee!! Sorry Jenny 😉
Belle was always Jenny’s favorite princess. She loved Belle like I loved Ariel. We had a costume dress that looked like Belle’s dress that she always wore when we dressed up. Not to mention she’s a bookworm graduate from Saint Mary’s College, the mascot of which is the Belles. 

I loved Belle too as a child, and still do. She READS! Any English major loves a princess who Reads! lol

1.) Cinderella, Cinderella
Straight up, no contest. Cinderella is the Princess of all Princesses. Every single little girl wanted to be Cinderella at one point in time (Well, Jenny always loved the “Mousers” but that stemmed from a love of the movie!)
Think of the songs that came from that movie: “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”, which is now the horn of the new Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Dream:
Oh, and have you been to Disney World? THAT”S HER CASTLE!!! Who wouldn’t want to be a princess like her? It’s every girl’s dream!
“If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true!”