This year, Lincoln and I went up to South Bend for Easter.

We arrived Friday night where we had dinner with my family and watched Tangled all together. My parents hadn’t seen it yet and they really loved it! 
Guess what Mom is getting for Mother’s Day now 😉
I was happy just to see my puppy again!
Saturday Morning, Linc and I got up and dyed Easter Eggs. 
Lincoln had an awful lot of fun doing that. 
For dinner we went over to Jenny and Mike’s apartment for Easter Dinner. 
Where’s Jenny?!?!
Libby, their dog, was really interested in what was on Lincoln’s plate. 
After dinner we drove over to Mass where Jenny was confirmed in the Catholic church!
Sunday we had brunch as a family and watched Rookie of the Year and The King’s Speech. It was a fun, relaxing weekend all around. 
Looking forward to finishing up the last few weeks of school!
Thanks for looking!