Jen’s Graduation and Las Vegas!!

On May 22nd, 2011, my big sister, Jenny graduated with her second degree in 2 years from the University of Notre Dame!

 Friday night with all the family in town we went out for a nice dinner at The Summit Club in South Bend.

Here’s the family (Left to right): Dad, Mom, Jen, Me, my grandmother, My Uncle Joe (a Holy Cross Priest), my mom’s sister Pamela, and the two Sisters of the Holy Cross that saw Jenny through her first graduation.

On Sunday, I watched as 30,000 people blessed my sister and her class of graduates at the Notre Dame stadium!

Of course, I needed a picture with the graduate!

As a spontaneous Graduation celebration, Jenny and I boarded a plane for Las Vegas for week of sun, the pool, and a few icy cool beverages. 😉

We also visited the Hoover Dam (a civil engineer’s dream come true!) Here we are walking across the Pat Tillman memorial bridge right over the Hoover Dam!

We spent one of our days visiting all the world-famous hotels. The inside of the Bellagio was probably my absolute favorite! All those beautiful life flowers!! It looked (and SMELLED) amazing 🙂

I had a great time with my sister on our little adventure to the desert! In case you couldnt tell 😉

Thanks for looking!!