A Little HOOSIER Love

The first weekend of October, I went to visit my most favorite place in the whole wide world, Indiana University.

I went to surprise Lincoln and all the Altos, and to escape from the mouse for just a few days. I started my trip at the Walk.

It’s hard not feeling loved, when you see this coming straight for you…

My buddy, Jon, had a dance solo with Tiffany our Drum Major during Sing!Sing!Sing!

I was so incredibly excited to see everyone I couldn’t stop smiling! I wore my Minnie Mouse ears, so everyone knew it was me.

I posed with all my friends, love these two pictures of me with Jon and Kristina.

There’s nothing like those Kooky alto saxophones. We’re one big family.

I saw Lincoln. My visit was his anniversary gift. I love this picture, check out how green my eyes are in Indiana!
The sisters of Tau Beta Sigma also surprised me with this incredible decorated cake! It matched my ears perfectly!
It was so good being home, but I missed the mouse and couldn’t wait to get back. See you in January, Hoosiers!
Thanks for looking!