Adorable Vintage Firehouse Birthday!

In an attempt at making my life significantly less stressful, I will be combining Ally Borrowed Blue with AllyJean as much as possible. I love finding unique parties online, and I love sharing them even more with my readers!

This vintage firehouse party by Jenny Cookies is absolutely stunning!

Firefighters have always been incredibly close to my heart. My father was a firefighter in the Chicago area for 20 years before retiring and still teaches enthusiastic college students the ways and means of being a firefighter/EMT/paramedic.

So, when I stumbled across this party on my daily blog roll, I just couldn’t resist sharing it!

The color scheme here is so simple: red, black, and yellow. The key is to tie everything together with several neutral colors out of palate, as well as materials of a variety of textures to keep the theme alive but not over bearing.

I love using the hose rack of the firehouse as a backdrop, adding that bright yellow color mixed with strong metals. The wood boxes to elevate the cake stands are also charming, they soften the harsh colors.

Since this party was actually in a firehouse, I love all the elements used to keep the tone right. The lunch box as a paper materials holder is so cute. And I love the steam pot as a drink dispenser too!

And don’t even get me started on this cake! The ruffles ad a soft, fluffy feeling and provide contrast the the fire emblem.

For more images from this adorable party, click here!

I know I got some great ideas! How about you?

Thanks for looking!