My Kind of Town!

This past weekend I went to the greatest city in the world: Sweet Home Chicago!

My cousin Caroline was getting married to the love of her life, John, at the University of Chicago.

We met in the Marriott downtown where we were reunited with all the cousins! Aren’t we just the best dressed family you’ve ever seen?

Yes, I wore white to a wedding. But trust me–it was a good life choice. I hadn’t seen my first cousins on my mother’s side in so long. And with us all being so goddamn good-looking, and naturally photogenic I had to snap as many shots of us as possible.

Being surrounded by families here at Disney, it was truly a blessing to be reunited with my family again. I danced with my Dad–a joy I am so thankful to have, even if he was more or less frightened by my incredible dancing ability. 

Jenny and Mikey were quite the little dancers too. And after sustaining significant bodily harm in the name of having fun with them (there’s a story to ask me about!) I stalked them like a paparazzi photog during their first dance.

I love getting pictures with my sister where we look adorable without wearing matching outfits. I sent this one to my grandmother hoping it’ll replace the pictures that hang in her home of us in these hideous pink tulle and bonnet ensembles. Fingers crossed.

It’d been so long since I spent time with my Mom. She moved down so early to Louisiana to start her job on the bayou (No, she doesn’t REALLY work ON the bayou–just beside it.) and I love that we could get a picture together!

Stay tuned for some of my favorite little things about Caroline & John’s wedding coming up on Ally Borrowed Blue. I can’t wait to share them with ya’ll!
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