Love Is In The Air

In between recovering from my Disney coma, and cooking my way through Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible, I have decided to bypass any sort of crazy decor for the Superbowl, and jump straight to Valentine’s Day.

I like Valentines Day. Okay, I love Valentine’s Day. I love any reason to shower my apartment in lovely little pink and red things, watch endless love movies, and dress up for a really nice dinner. Roses and chocolates and champagne are also just three of God’s most precious gifts to this earth and who am I to deny them.

Anyways, decorating for Valentine’s Day usually involves me being as thrifty as possible. (Actually, decorating for any holiday leaves me feeling thrifty–just look at Christmas!) Usually I turn to my endless supply of scrapbook and crafting things and my old friend the internet for adorable decor on a budget.

I fell in love with two free printables from the sweet blog Eighteen25:

First this cute “subway art” print:

Get the Print here!

And this adorable little “love story” print:

Get the Print here!

I had some extra frames and popped those babies inside: Tada! Instant decoration success!

This year, I got a little creative and made a garland out of sweet Valentine’s Day paper and some left over red ribbon from Christmas.

Here’s everything you’ll need:

First I just traced a bunch of hearts on the back of the scrapbook pages. I wanted the garland to look a little eclectic so I didn’t bother using a paper punch or stencil. I just free handed them.

Next I cut each heart out…

…And poked two holes side-by-side on each one. I used a heart-shaped hole puncher to be a little cute.

I laced the ribbon through the two holes and strung all the hearts on. Hang it up and you’re done!

I love the way the little hearts look over my television!

I’ve put together a few more decorating ideas on my Pinterest board. Feel free to check it out!

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Decorating trick? Leave it in the comments!

Thanks for looking 🙂