My Week In An Instagram

First and foremost I have definitely won the award for biggest blog slacker this year thus far! Sorry! Adjusting to a Post-Disney life is taking its toll on me! So this “Week” in an Instagram is more or less the past month! Whoops!

For Valentine’s day, Justin and I participated in one of the oldest Bloomington traditions, kissing in the Rose Well House on Indiana University’s campus at midnight.

I’ve been having the best time introducing this Florida native to all things distinctly BTown. We spent one weekend at all my favorite spots on Kirkwood in downtown Bloomington. Poor guy won a game of Sink the Biz at Nick’s English Hut. Winner drinks the bucket–bottoms up, baby!

The next weekend my sister and Mikey made a spontaneous trip to visit us. I hadn’t seen Jenny since our cousin Caroline’s wedding in November.

That Tuesday was Fat Tuesday and, since I’m now part Cajun, I needed to embrace the mardi gras spirit! We threw a little party for some of our friends.

My life during the week has been full of Disney recruiting. Our team painted a bridge on campus and I worked an info share table in the Wells Library.

We had a mini Hellyer family reunion in South Bend Indiana. Justin and I drove up to spend time with Jen and Mikey, and my favorite cousin (and pretty much brother), Bill. We ate at a Chicago delicacy: Gino’s East Pizza. And, naturally, we left our mark on the wall forever 🙂

Finally, Thursday was the annual St. Practice Day in Bloomington, an early celebration of St. Patrick’s day. Justin and I enjoyed some green beer at Kilroys bar on Kirkwood with some friends.

This week Justin starts his new Indiana job and we get all ready for our trip to visit mom and dad in Louisiana!

Happy Instagraming 🙂

Thanks for looking!