My Week in an Instagram

Here’s a post theme we haven’t seen in a while! But this week has truly been a great one. Come along with me as we relive the amazing memories made this week!

This past week in Bloomington was the greatest college weekend, Little 500, and my two besties from Disney flew (and drove!) in from all over the country to spend it with Justin and I!

Thursday night Justin, Aly, Brittney and I went out to all the local Bloomington hot-spots. It was was great night out!

Brittney and I with the Indian of Kilroy’s on Kirkwood

Friday night I made a few calls and invited all the Disney Campus Representatives as well as some IU College Program alumni or potentials and all their Disney friends who also came to visit and we had a big Disney get-together.

One Big Disney Family!

It was truly an amazing experience, two of the girls: Amanda, a roommate of IU Rep Trisha, and Francesca, an IU Rep, realized they had the same manager! It really is a small world after all!

Justin and I attempted to introduce Aly and Brittney to as many classic Bloomington spots as possible, so we had to take them to get Baked.

Baked! of Bloomington

Baked is a delivery cookie service (yes, I’m serious–and it’s doing a number on late night cravings!) While these two goofballs played around in the waiting room, we ordered a bakers dozen of Chocolate cookies with White chocolate chips and macademia nuts, peanut butter cookies with Reese’s Pieces, red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips, and oatmeal cookies with Craisins and walnuts.

Aly & Brittney playing around at Baked!

Drooling yet? If I could bottle the smell of Baked I would make a fortune. The whole store is a hoot. The cookies come in pizza boxes, and the walls are covered with returned decorated boxes. Personality is everywhere, including the bathroom.

Bathroom, anyone?

The best part of the past week, though, took place on Monday when Justin and I had our first ultrasound to see our little one due this November. Tears were definitely shed. We are surprised to be blessed so early in life, but we know God’s plan for each of us has already been set. We are beyond excited to start our family when we welcome Baby Pippin!

Baby Pippin

Thanks for looking and happy Instagraming!