{Hoosier Momma Moments} Squeaky Clean

It’s the one product every Momma need sitting on their kitchen counter: the perfect quick-cleaning spray. I recently fell in love with a product that gets literally any and all jobs done I want without killing me with harsh chemicals.

To prove its worth, I put together this little experiment to sway you over to the dark side!

This little obsession of mine started after I saw a Today show interview about the best household cleaners where this pretty purple bottle of all-natural cleaner was proclaimed the winner against grime and grit. (You can watch the video here!)

One day I arrived at Lowe’s a little early to pick Justin up from work and walked past the purple beauty in the cleaning aisle for a cool $3.50 so we got it.

When I got home, I let my man make himself something to eat (and a mess of my kitchen) and dug under the sink for my two other favorite all-purpose cleaners: Clorox and 409.

I pulled out the revolving dish from the microwave that was now covered in spaghetti sauce and sprayed three rows of cleaner: Clorox, then Method, and finally 409.

I let it sit for about a minute before doing a solid up and down wipe of each cleaner on separate paper towels.

Much to my disbelief, the Method cleaner was definitely the best. It didn’t leave a spot of sauce in its row.  For the sake of argument I used the cleaner to clean the rest of the microwave mess. It took 2 minutes and 4 paper towels. No joke. I wanted to cry sweet tears of joy.

I now use this stuff on everything, it’s replaced Clorox wipes in my house. I recently went to Target and about died when I found out they have the same cleaner in several wonderful scents, refills, colors, and types. We invested in the bathroom cleaner. We have no other spray cleaners in our house. This is a serious obsession.

Do you have a favorite cleaner your house revolves around?

Share it with me in the comments!

Thanks for looking!