{Pretty on Pinterest} Twitter 101

While there’s been a significant gap in the series, here comes part three of my Social Media Etiquette posts.

Today we’re talking about Twitter! Let’s get started.

Twitter is everywhere these days! I mean, who didn’t laugh their face off when Justin Beiber–Tweet Machine– taught Matt Lauer how to tweet on the Today Show? 

(Missed it? It was a classic!)

Everything from bakeries to blogs to churches are set up on the social media site and with so many users, it’s easy to get your content out to millions of people a day!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.) Avoid apps like “Tweet Longer”, “Tweet More”, etc. 

The one run in Twitter’s stockings is its restriction to 140 characters per tweet. While many applications have surfaced allowing you to type as much as you want per tweet, these are not the best use of your time.

When someone “Tweet Longer”s, there’s a link interrupting the tweet, often cutting off the thought midsentence. While I’m sure you like to believe that everyone you know is clicking on that link to learn the rest of what’s in your brilliant mind, I’m here to sadly break the news to you that, no. No one cares.

Twitter is fast-paced. People are browsing from their phones, tablets, and scrolling through their computers. It’s unlikely someone will stop long enough to read an extended tweet.

Stick to 140 characters and be witty! Pair a tweet with a link to create eye catching promos that MAKE people want more.

Need an example of proper tweeting? Check out these here!


2.) Hashtags

Definitely something that is distinctly unique to Twitter is the use of hashtags. Hashtags allow you to search twitter for other users talking about the same things!

Using hashtags are an easy way to get your content out to new people as well. It’s exciting to come up and search new ones.

Do you see that little box on your left sidebar when you open Twitter? That’s what people are taking about, trending topics in your country and even the world!

Hashtags are so unique to Twitter they really shouldn’t leave Twitter. So, don’t hashtag anything on the end of your Facebook updates…. people will likely roll their eyes at you!

3.) Mentions

I’m going to make this as simple as possible. Listening to a Katy Perry song and tweeting about how much you love it? Mention her!

Reading a blog you love and sharing the post with your friends? Mention the Blogger!

Having dinner with your friends? Mention them!

Mentions allow you to seek out new followers and people to follow by sharing common interests!

It’s so simple to do, so do it!

4.) Keep it Professional

Twitter, like Facebook is quickly becoming a place for employers to check out before hiring you.

Therefore, avoid mean things, avoid the ultra-personal, avoid the personal conversation, avoid the profanity. It’s that simple.

My old Disney Roomie, Jessi is a Twitter GODDESS, check her out @JessiReynolds to see how a pro tweets.

Next week we’ll wrap up the series (finally, right?) with the amazing Facebook!

Oh, are you following ME on Twitter? I’d love to hear from you!!

Thanks for looking, and happy tweeting!