{Pretty on Pinterest} Facebook 101

Today I’m (finally!) wrapping up my series on social media etiquette with the biggest and best Social Media site out there and there are so many ways to use Facebook to your advantage!

Let’s get into it!

1.) Keep your status updates short and sweet.

First and foremost, before you update your status, think of how YOU use Facebook. Do you read every single post as you scroll down the page? Or do you skim for something, or someone, special and quickly read before scrolling again?

More than likely you fall into the latter category, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

So, before you post that paragraph about how your day went, remember not many people (if any at all) are going to read the whole thing.

Keep your posts at “Tweet length”, 1-2 sentences are all you need!

2.) Share just the right amount of information

I’m sure we all have that one friend who posts just a little too much on Facebook (I like to call these posts “Oh, Honey” posts, because you can’t help but say it when you read what they wrote)

Remember that Facebook is not a soap box, it’s not a place to vent or to discuss private problems. Avoid the “Woe is Me” post.

And never post anything on Facebook you don’t want to be viewed, read, or asked about.

3.) Use Launch Pages

If you’re a blogger or have a business, Facebook fan pages are a great marketing tool.

Unfortunately, there is no way to generate revenue from a “Like” of a page or post, a comment, or a sharing of a photo or status.

Websites generate revenue, fan pages–not yet. Therefore, make sure all your posts provide a link to a launch page on your website. If you get people to your page, you can generate revenue easier.

4.) Post Often (But not too often!)

Because there are so many people on Facebook and so many pages to like, friends to add, etc, it’s important to get your page seen among all the other posts out there.

Therefore, post enough to show up on your fans newsfeed a day, but not too much that people get sick of looking at you! 1-3 posts a day is a good starting point.

5.) Mention people!

Mentioning sites you like, friends, or businesses in your status updates is a great tool. Your post will show up on their page and your page giving you double exposure to your page!

Well there you have it, 5 tips to Facebook professionally!

And ALWAYS remember this one tip, as told to my dear cousin Bill this morning on Facebook:

If on your peeps you Facebook creep, play it sweet and be discreet! 

Thanks for looking and happy Facebooking! 🙂