{Hoosier Momma Moment} Preggo Repo

This past week, Justin and I have been hard at work updating some used wood furniture we inherited from our family in Florida.

Here are some tips for your own Preggo Repo!

First, I’d like to say that redoing this furniture was so economical for us. For the price of redoing this dresser, chair, and desk/changing table we would have only bought half of a dresser at Babies R Us. Granted, it was a lot of work but the end result was SO rewarding.

As you can see, the furniture was beautiful on its own, a deep wood stain, but we didn’t think it suited Baby’s room very well. So we started with the sweet little dresser next to the desk.

Here’s the after shot!

We did a lot of research on paint and it took a lot of trial and error. Also, NEVER underestimate the power of new hardware. These silver knobs make this whole piece look so modern!

For this dresser, we sanded the entire thing down to remove the varnish and stain. First with 80 grade, then 120 grade and finally 220 grade. Sanding was exhausting and a MESS. There was dust everywhere. If you plan on sanding, use masks and I recommend investing in a power hand sander to make the job go faster.

Sanding, however, allowed us to smooth out most of the nicks and scratches the wood has acquired over time. The process, however, was a long tedious one.

If you plan on sanding, we used the power sander for the coarse grade paper and hand sanded with the fine grade. It was much more efficient and fine grade sanding doesn’t take much.

We used about 3 coats of this flat white paint.

While preparing to do the desk, I was worried because–unlike the dresser–it was not solid wood. The backboards were particle boards. I didn’t want to dismantle the entire desk so I found this great post on The Pear Tree Cottage about a paint regiment that worked on wood and particle board WITHOUT sanding.

The key was to paint 1-2 coats of this primer by Zinsser before painting. This stuff stinks to high heaven, so make sure the room is ventilated (and masks again here too!)

We tried the primer and paint on a drawer of the desk and it worked great!

The inside of the drawers all had this old-fashioned newspaper lining. For lack of a better way of saying so, we hated it. I dreaded the idea of pulling sweet baby clothes from these drawers every day.

So, I got a little crafty. I invested in some pink and blue scrap book paper (since we don’t know what Baby is yet!), and some Mod Podge.

We cut the paper to line the drawer and then painted the Mod Podge under and over the paper to keep it in place. I even got Justin involved in a little crafting!

Mod Podge dries to feel a little tacky, but not sticky. In my opinion, the Mod Podged scrapbook paper felt like vinyl. The layer on top of the paper makes it water proof and easier to wipe up if there’s a problem. If you don’t like the tacky finish and would prefer a smoother one, invest in a clear acrylic finishing coat or spray to apply over the dried Mod Podge.

We loved how the end result turned out!! We can’t wait to finish up the desk!

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Thanks for looking!