{Divine Design} Home Keeping Binder

With a baby on the way in 10 short weeks, nesting has hit me in the form of organizing. Organizing makes me both happy and excited. I have stumbled across a variety of great tools that keep me organized, including a few you can print at home!

So let’s jump in, shall we?

The best thing you can make for yourself is a home keeping binder. I am obsessed with mine. I use it daily to keep track of everything in our life. I keep it all together in this cute binder from Target.

My home keeping binder is divided into four parts:

1.) Family Information. Here’s where I keep important information about family birthdays and anniversaries, our insurance policies, and emergency information.

About a year ago, I won a contest from The TomKat Studio and Clean Mama Printables where I got a great set of organizing printables, including this cute card and gift registry!

You can purchase these (and more!) printables from Clean Mama Printables here!

2.) Finances and Expenses. Here’s where I keep track of our budget, our bills, and have a register of what’s coming in and out of our finances.

I found these great financial organizing printables that include a bill log to keep track of all those necessary expenses…

(I also keep copies of all my bills behind this page in my binder!)

… A budget page for planning…

…and a register to keep track of money going in and out!

In this part of my binder, I also have photo holders where I keep all receipts, to ensure my funds coming in match my funds going out.

3.) Food Planning. This area is where I keep track of menu planning, organize my sales flyers and coupons and keep track of what’s in my freezer, pantry, and fridge.

I got my menu planning printables from Clean Mama but there is also a two part set of tips for menu planning by Homegrown Mom. You van view part 1 here and part 2 here.

I also keep inventory of what I do have so I never double shop.

I also keep shopping lists for different stores I frequent in clear page protectors. When we need something, i write on the protectors with dry erase markers.

4.) Cleaning. Here, I keep track of cleaning around the house with weekly and monthly checklists.

If you’re ready to create your own home keeping binder, below are a bunch of great resources from wonderful sources! Check them out for yourself!

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Free Printables from Simple Mom
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Thanks for looking!