{Hoosier Momma Moment} A Mid-Pregnancy Engagement

This weekend Justin and I traveled to our home away from home, Walt Disney World and to say it was a trip to remember is a gross understatement.

Justin proposed!

Let me tell you the whole story. Our whole story.

Justin and I met while working as Parade Audience Control and Park Greeter at Magic Kingdom on Main Street USA. Our courtship was typical, we officially met one evening at an Applebee’s with coworkers and shared a beer and platter of wings. We went dancing, we visited the amazing Disney parks, and on our first official date he took me out for Chicago-style hot dogs and to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios.

But in between every date night, we worked side by side on Main Street.

Now on Main Street, there is an area that is always the busiest, where every night thousands of people crammed into a tiny little area; the area right around Casey’s Corner and Ice Cream Plaza. This is where PAC members fight to clear cross walks, where I personally was hit, spit on, kicked, shoved, and cursed out in far too many languages.

It was also the corner where Justin and I most frequently worked on busy nights.  And it was on the street in between that area where Justin got down on bended knee and asked me to marry him.

On our vacation, we walked down Main Street, the Cinderella castle up ahead. At Casey’s and Ice Cream we met with a Photopass photographer and asked if they could get some pictures of Justin and I with my parents. Mom and Dad had some pictures taken together, then Justin and I joined in, but before we went up, I handed the photographer my camera.

It took a few minutes for Justin to join the group as he was showing the photographer the ins and outs of my huge DSLR camera. And he jumped into the pictures, we all smiled and then Justin and I wanted some photos of just the two of us.

We smiled. (Check out that nervous smile lol)

We Disney Pointed at the castle.

And the photographer suggested Justin pretend to propose to me. My eyes rolled back in the back of my head. “Don’t tease me!” I said. (Note the eye roll)

“Or I could just propose for real.” (Ultimate disbelief)

Shock. I’m a little ashamed to admit that the first words out of my mouth were “I didn’t even do my hair this morning!!”

An “OMG YES!” (“Put it on! Put it on!)

And PLENTY of Tears…

… And kisses too.

In the middle of the celebration, a gentleman passed by saying, “How original, another proposal in front of the castle,” We were right in front of the castle, in fact we had a perfect shot of it right up the street. But in my mind’s eye, we were at the center of Casey’s and Ice Cream, a place where our relationship was tried and tested night after night. If you find the place “unoriginal”, work one night at Casey’s and Ice Cream with someone you love, and see if your relationship can last the ultimate test.

I’m sure there are people out there who see an engagement at 8-months pregnant to scream “shot gun”. I accepted a proposal from a man who followed me to Indiana to be with me before there was a baby. A man, who cooks dinner for me when he knows I’m too lazy to get off the couch, who never fails to make me laugh; a man who wanted to marry me months ago and I told him to wait until after the baby.

To me, our engagement solidifies our family. My ring is Justin’s promise to me, our child, and our family that he’s here for the long hall.

And down the road when most couples begin the talk about whether or not their spouse will be a great parent, I don’t need to think at all. Watching Justin sing to my belly, kiss it when he leaves for work in the morning, walking through Maisy’s room just looking at all the things we’ve collected for her. I know he will take care of Maisy the same way he takes care of me.

Here’s to our future together. I’ve never felt so blessed!