{Borrowed Blue} Ariel + Eric Engagement Shoots

While stumbling (more like Tumbling…) around the web, I came across this post that literally made me scream…

…with JOY. (Okay, and jealousy.)
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It’s no secret I’m in love with Disney, and it’s really really no secret that my favorite character is Ariel from the little mermaid. So when I saw these photos, naturally, I needed to share them with everyone I know. 
These gorgeous pictures were featured on Magical Day Weddings, a blog showcasing Disney (and Disney themed) events. 
Photo {Source}
The happy couple, Polina and Christopher, were photographed by Elizabeth Sassman Photography.
Photo {Source}
Let me start by saying that places this perfect for shoots like this don’t exist. I can’t believe it. At all. 
Photo {Source}
I also have to give all kinds of mad props to these two for Disney Bounding their outfits. If only Justin would willingly dress up as Eric for me. 
Photo {Source}
This girl is after my own heart. She’s using a Dinglehopper. I could cry. 
Photo {Source}
You can see more beautiful photos here!!
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