{Hoosier Momma Moments} Getting Back To Work

With Baby Maisy almost ten weeks old, and a college degree under my belt, I’ve started the ever-exciting task of finding a “big kid” job.

There’s a lot that needs to be done when transitioning from spit up to “Suit Up!” so here are a few things that I felt have been getting me better grasp on this big world we live in. 
Put the baby down for a nap, and let’s talk business. 
First thing I did that made me feel in the professional mindset is I worked on my LinkedIn profile. Unlike Facebook or Twitter accounts, many online job sites let you apply for positions using your LinkedIn profile. 
Find colleagues and collect endorsements and recommendations. Make sure something is said about each position (focus on achievements over responsibilities) and consider joining groups. If you participated in a larger internship experience (Like the Disney College Program) or service experience (like a sorority or fraternity), find the group page to enhance your profile–there’s lots of networking experiences there!
Biggest tip I can give: have a professional headshot taken. Even if you just slip on a business blouse and pose in front of a blank wall. LinkedIn is the place for professionals, it’s not the place to socialize. Consider your profile picture your first impression. Make it count. 
Dress for success. I know the last thing a Momma working on the baby weight wants to do is invest in some new clothes, let alone make time for some hair and makeup doing! 
You’re going to lose that weight, Momma (regardless of how many mini Snickers bars go missing between now and then) so look for pieces that can be mixed and matched, and that can also be tailored when that weight inevitably comes off. 
Consider blouses in easy-to-wash fabric to prepare for that moment when your darling child says “Good luck on your interview” with a blow out diaper. And while you’re at it, look for some in dark colors too to keep you covered if you forget your nursing pads and miss a feeding. 
When putting your outfits together, remember business casual for women is best demonstrated when we wear three pieces. That can mean a statement necklace instead of a jacket, or a scarf instead of a necklace. 
My first day back at work. Rockin the Sock Bun!
My favorite trend right now is buns. If you’re rushing around the morning of that interview, and a shower would mean arriving to an interview with wet hair, a bun is a great alternative. 
One of my favorites (and one that’s totally in right now) is a sock bun.
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Assemble a brag book or portfolio with letters of recommendation, a transcript (for relevant course listings), awards, etc. This should also include copies of your resume and cover letters. 
Take a look over your resume, make sure you’re not using superlatives or descriptors that you can’t back up with things you’ve actually done. Try not to describe yourself on paper in a different way than you would introduce yourself to a new connection. This article is a great read. 
When you’re on the job search, it’s easy to feel like you need to settle to find a job when your mind is on the money or benefits. But don’t forget to think about your family. 
While 50 hours a week is definitely doable to a young professional, think about what that would mean in terms of watching your child develop. Your child is only young once, is the money really worth missing first words, first steps, soccer games, and ballet recitals? 
From one Momma to another, it’s okay to be picky. 
Good luck on the job front, Mom! Hang in there!

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