{Pretty on Pinterest} Pin Tested: Valentine’s Baby Shoot

One of my favorite things about the holidays is themed photographs of my little Maisy! Today is Maisy’s first Valentine’s Day and while some people may view the holiday as a commercial-driven nightmare, I love the chance to give my family a little extra love!

Photo {Source}
I’m always on Pinterest, so when I stumbled across this Pin of a sweet little baby covered in kisses, I wanted to see if I could recreate a similar picture!
I can’t believe Maisy is already almost three months old! She looks just so sweet in her Valentine’s Day outfit!
I posed MJ on a sweet pink rosette blanket from her Auntie Brittney!

Love those big blue eyes!

The only warning I have is that lipstick is so hard to wash off a baby skin!! I ended up pulling out the heavy duty wipes to get it all off! 
Happy Valentine’s Day!