{Divine Design} A Tour of New Fantasyland!

The family and I just returned from Maisy’s first Walt Disney World vacation. It was such a fantastic week in sunny Florida seeing family and soaking up some warmth.

But what we were most excited about? New Fantasyland!

There are so many new things coming to Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and I just wanted to give you a little sneak peak as to what’s there!
New Fantasyland is divided into two different areas, the extended “Princess” area, and the new Storybook Circus where Toon Town used to stay.

The Princess area is very neat, there is a new Belle attraction called Enchanted Tales with Belle. Belle is no longer available for meet and greets inside Town Square Theater, but you can meet (and interact) with her at this attraction.

Guests take on roles in her story to act out. The adventure starts at Maurice’s house and travels up into the library of the castle. You can even meet Lumiere and the Wardrobe on the way!

Next to Enchanted Tales is the new Be Our Guest restaurant. This restaurant has three dining rooms inside three different areas of Beast’s castle: from the ballroom to the west wing. It is open for quick service lunch and sit-down dinner. Make a reservation early early early! We tried to get in and were told by a host that the earliest we could make a reservation for was June. No kidding.

Continuing along the way is Gaston’s tavern and the Village Gifts. We tried the Lafou’s Brew at the tavern and it was really nice. Justin even gave Gaston’s chair a try.

The ridiculous statue out front was my favorite. Can you read that plaque? As an added bonus, when Justin and I walked inside the Village Gifts, we were surprised to see a familiar face to Cast Members: a portrait of Phil Holmes, VP of Magic Kingdom, hanging over the fireplace! (For extra Easter Egg fun, look at the portrait to also spot Aladdin’s lamp, the seal of the 40th anniversary of Magic Kingdom, and an old park map!)

If you continue down the way, there is the new Voyage of the Little Mermaid ride–a new favorite for me! I loved looking at Eric’s castle up close and touring the inside of it. Next to the ride you can even meet Ariel tail-on!

The one downside I have about the New Fantasyland as of right now is how hard it is to maneuver around. This is mainly because the new star attraction, a roller coaster simulating a ride through the mines of the seven dwarfs, is still under constriction.

Next to the Princess area is the new Storybook Circus. The star of this area is the new and improved Dumbo (a new favorite for Maisy!) and the reopened Barnstormer coaster, formally Goofy’s coaster.

Want some fun for your little ones? The ground near the Storybook Circus is covered with animal prints and even peanut shells, look and see how many you can identify!

Down the way from New Fantasyland is my new favorite area, the Tangled bathrooms! (YES they are REALLY just bathrooms!)

I love the way the Men’s room was marked with (what else?) a Satchel! These are lots of fun to look around in, the ceilings of the ladies’ room was all hand painted!

Over near Rapunzel’s tower is a fun little game, lots of little friends of Pascal are hiding in the greenery. It’s a great little place to sit and relax and keep your little ones occupied!

So what else is coming to Fantasyland? The princesses are getting a new meet-and-greet area where the former Snow White’s Scary Adventures sat.

Also, the princesses are slowly debuting their new dresses and hairstyles (wouldn’t it be nice to have a Fairy Godmother at your disposal to give you a whole new look?) to match their new redesigns. I was geeking out over Cinderella and Aurora’s new dresses at Magic Kingdom, and I can’t wait to see the rest!

Fantasyland is set to be totally completed by this fall. So exciting!

Thanks for looking!