{Borrowed Blue} What to Expect on Your Disney Fairytale Wedding Planning Session

A few weeks ago, Justin and I made a big trip to Florida to have our Disney Fairytale Wedding planning session with our fairy godmother wedding consultant.If you’re considering a Disney Wedding (and you really should!) you will likely have a session like this in person or over the phone about six months before your wedding.

At this session you will cover EVERYTHING (And I mean EVERYTHING) regarding your wedding, but just in case you want a clearer picture of what will happen (or even what to bring!), here is what to expect when planning your session!

If you are having an in-person meeting, you will meet your wedding planner at Franck’s Bridal Studio. Just in case you have absolutely no idea what you want your wedding to look like, this place is dripping in bridal inspiration.

We spent so much time just looking at everything (Even if you can’t afford it, LOOK. It’s stunning!).

You will then be taken into one of three rooms, either the Flora, the Fauna or the Merriwether. (I mean, really.)

From there you will literally jump right into your session.

Ours started with a tour of the Wedding Pavilion. There was a moment when the doors of the chapel opened and the organist was sitting there playing Life in Technicolor. I about handed over my wallet then and there. (See my sneaky tour of the Wedding Pavilion here!)

About a week before your session, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out. Take the time to really think about the answers and what exactly you want for your wedding. This is the platform from which your planner will be jumping from when planning the details of the wedding. Be as detailed as possible and list specifics if you want them.

Think about the wedding as a whole. This planning session is so much more than how the reception venue will be decorated or what the menu will taste like. Do you want your bridesmaids to carry bouquets? Do you know how your guests will get from the ceremony to the reception?

Think of the tiniest details that will be important the day of your wedding and have answers for them. All of that will be covered. (Including yummy yummy cake tasting!!)

One thing I wish I had brought with me was detailed pictures of what I wanted our table decor to look like, or images that I felt captured the overall “vibe” of our wedding. I found that I was often stranded describing what I liked because I did not bring enough to visually show the florist or the planner.

Your session will likely last around three hours, but trust me, it will feel like way less than that. You are talking through the details of your wedding day–what could be more exciting than that?

The best part about this planning session, is that it’s just a planning session. When discussing decor options with your planner, and you can’t decide between tulle twinkle lights or paper lanterns, choose whichever one you like best and reevaluate later.

When we did our session we literally shot for the moon on what we wanted. When we got our proposed budget back, we were able to see where our wedding was at financially and decide on some cuts to stay within reason.

And in the long run, wouldn’t you rather worry about what needs to be cut than worrying constantly over what will work on your own? Disney has everything taken care of.

Overall, your Disney Planning session will definitely make you feel as if you have made the right choice in choosing a Disney Wedding. The planners are on their game and just wonderful. They will take excellent care of you.

Happy planning!