{Green Living}: Vendors I Love: The Honest Company

This year, I made a commitment to a better lifestyle.

It all started with reading a fantastic book, that I would recommend to anyone, Healthy Child Healthy World by Christopher Gavigan. This book explores all the toxins we expose ourselves (and our children to) on a daily basis–exposing what really goes into those sweet-smelling baby soaps, what makes those adorable clothes flame retardant, and much much more!

This book inspired me to live a life and raise our child in an environment that is not only toxin-free but also environmentally friendly.

After reading, I realized we had already taken a first step towards a greener lifestyle by switching Maisy to cloth diapers. But periodically on the blog I will share some of my favorite green living tips (and how to do so on a budget!) Just look for posts labeled with the {Green Living} title tag!

Ready for some green tips? Let’s get started with this!

After reading Healthy Child Healthy World I did a lot of research on the topic of healthy living. I’m absolutely no expert, and I don’t believe in doing all things organic/vegan/eco-friendly.

I drive an SUV, I REFUSE to part with my totally non-ecofriendly makeup bag, I don’t always have the time to let all my laundry air dry on the clothes line. But that’s okay. Green living should begin with small easy changes like ditching the fancy all-purpose cleaner for Method (my favorite and which works better than some others on the market right now!) or a homemade alternative. Start small and you’ll stick to it!


I got on this kick of reading lots of books about living a greener lifestyle which lead me eventually to a book about green living from an unlikely source. Justin turned to me on the couch one day and said “Did you know Jessica Alba wrote a book?”

(Sidenote, Justin has a huge crush on Jessica Alba. He’s a very big fan of hers and I’ve come to accept that about him. Just as he puts up with my interest in Zach Efron, I put up with his interest in Jessica Alba.)

I shrugged it off at first until I saw the book, The Honest Life, had reached the top of the New York Times bestseller list. So I read it and I was so pleasantly surprised!

Jessica is so down to earth, so real about her family and lifestyle and so knowledgeable about green living. It was through her book that I first learned about The Honest Company.

Honest provides customizable family bundles for $35.99 a month full of eco-friendly, baby and family safe products, that are all backed by their “Honestly Free Guarantee”.

This guarantee insures that all Honest products are made without: phthalates, PVC, parabens, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde-based preserving agents, and phosphates.

(And that’s just their short list! See more here!)

We just finished our latest bundle. We opted for the Honest Laundry Detergent, Honest Oxy Boost, Honest Stain Remover, Honest Dish Soap, and Honest Baby Wipes. 

(Can you tell I do a lot of laundry? Sheesh!)
The Oxy Boost works so well, we ditched our bleach seconds after our first test run! The Dish soap smells amazing and cleans milk and baby food residue in a heart beat! 
Every month you get very liberal sizes of products every month. We’re not dealing with travel or sample sizes at all! (The laundry detergent is a 70 ounce container!) And, since maybe you wont go through that whole bottle of dish soap each and every month, you can customize your bundle to send you whatever else you may need!
They have so many options: all-purpose cleaner, lip balm, shampoo and body wash, bottles, dish towels, etc!

They also have a bundle for diapers to better suit your needs if you have an infant like I do! Their diapers and wipes are all free of chlorine and alcohol (as well as all the above listed crap), are plant based and come in some adorable colors and patterns!
So check it out! It’s perfect for a busy mom, and much better than reading the backs of packaging for hours in a grocery store! 
Have any other green-living tips? Share them in the comments!
Thanks for looking!