{Divine Design} 10 Amazingly Designed Products for Momma & Baby

Maisy is six months now. SIX MONTHS. Can you even? Because I can’t. I can’t even.

Ever since I learned I was pregnant, I have been searching near and far for some amazing products that just make your life as a Momma so much easier. Do-everything, easier-life-making products are my FAVORITE and I’ve acquired some seriously amazing life-hacks for Momma-hood.

These products not only make your life simpler, they are totally toxin free for your family.

Now that’s a Divine Design!
Mixie Bottles. If you don’t read any more of this post, know that these bottles are an absolute gift from God and I will go to the ends of the earth, to hell and back, to praise their amazingness. Seriously. Worth every single penny I have spent on them, and then some.

Mixie bottles are for every Momma who tried to mix a bottle in one hand and steer a car shopping cart with the other. Gone are the days of spilling formula all over your car seat because your husband hit a bump in the road while you’re handing a formula pod. The dog days are over, Ladies.

These bottles have a tiny pod on the bottom, capable of holding enough formula for a 4 ounce or 8 ounce bottle (depending on size). You fill the rest of the bottle with water and, when the time comes, you pop the button on the bottom, and shake.

That’s it. That’s really it.

The silicone disc floats around combating clumps, and there’s no need to carry coolers to keep pre-made bottles cold. You can successfully mix a bottle with one hand and chat on your cell phone like a pro with the other.

The green side of it? All bottles are BPA, Phthalates, and PVC free. You’re welcome.

Mixie bottles are available at certain retailers or online at Walgreens. Bottles run around $20.

Chew Beads. Maybe it’s just my little girl, but Maisy is addicted to jewelry. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, it doesn’t matter, she grabs them. She grabs them and holds onto them like a Black Friday shopper.

And recently, as her baby teeth are starting to make their grand entrance, she has been grabbing anything around my neck and sticking it into her mouth.

Chew Beads are the perfect solution to this problem. Made of 100% non-toxic silicone, Chew Beads are trendy necklaces or bracelets for Moms that are perfect for babies to chew on: BPA, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium, and PVC free!

I bought a Chew Beads necklace (the Perry style in Colbolt) when I was visiting The Green Nursery in Bloomington. The necklaces are cute, come in a variety of colors and styles so I couldn’t see the hurt in trying them. Maisy loves them. It was as if she knew they were made for her to nom on.

Necklaces sell in the $25 to $40 range and are available online or at participating retailers.

Honest Healing Balm. Okay, okay, okay. I know. You’ve had enough of my yapping about how awesome Honest is. But hear me out one more time. If anything, every mother should have a bottle of this stuff in their home. Seriously.

Not only does this Healing balm cure and prevent diaper rash, it also can help repair cracked cuticles, relieve chapped lips and skin, reverse eczema, soothe sunburn, bug bites, and razor burn, heal cuts and scrapes, etc. etc.

Justin the other day was looking for our Neosporin (totally packed up in a Uhaul Pod somewhere in Tennessee now) and I told him to put some Honest on it. (I feel like the Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding “Put some Windex on it!”)

And with Honest you know the product is free of phthalates, parabens, petroleum, and artificial fragrances and dyes.

Forget the changing table, keep this stuff in your purse. I do! And I use it daily!

Honest products are available online at Honest.com

Green Toys Stacking Cups. Maisy received her first Green Toy a few weeks ago from her Nonnie and PopPop: a set of precious purple, green and blue star-shaped stacking cups. It has quickly become one of her favorite toys!

Green Toys are the only toys on the market that are made of 100% post-consumer recyclable materials, mainly recycled milk jugs, and are made right here in the USA.

Green Toys makes incredible options for children of all ages that will help stimulate imaginative play. I love this Build a Bouquet set they sell!

And, obviously, Maisy approves!

Green Toys can be purchased at retailers in your area or online here.

Oogaa Train Spoons. How many times have you played airplane with your baby’s spoon? How about Choo-choo? Or Tug boat? And your child just gives you a face, and in that face you can see them thinking “Lady, I know what a Choo-Choo looks like, and that just ain’t it.)

Enter Oogaa spoons. Soft, non-toxic silicone with adorable little trains, planes, or tug boats on them. I am absolutely obsessed with these spoons. They make meal time go faster, and they make meal time more FUN!

Children can easily grasp the spoons themselves, or parents can keep a firm grasp on them.

Oogaa also makes silicone no-slip place mats, divided plates, bowls, meal time sets, and now even clothing!

The amazing thing about these products is their commitment to priciples over profit. They guarantee no BPA or Phthalates in their products and aim for all things green, sustainable and healthy.

Individual spoons sell for just shy of $6. Oogaa products are available online or at these participating retailers.

lollacups were first brought to my attention when they were featured on the television show Shark Tank. They are the perfect transitional vessels between bottle and cup without messing with traditional sippy cups.

Lollacups have straws, but unlike other toddler straw cups, they are spill proof without the need for a valve to tug the straw under the lid.

The straw itself is flexible and weighted, allowing kiddos to sip to their hearts content even if they tilt their glass back or are sitting reclined.

The bottle itself is easy to clean, all parts separate and are dishwasher safe. In fact, you can even take the handles off for older children and the cup will fit in standard cup holders. Each cup hold 10 ounces and come in a variety of colors from Brave Blue, to Proud Purple, to Posh Pink and Happy Orange.

They are made in the USA and are BPA/Phthalate free and above all else they are so CUTE.

Lollacups sell for $16 online or in a store near you.

FlexiBath. So you’re pregnant, searching the aisles of the Babies R Us making your registry and you decide your little princess needs a baby bath tub with an adorable bath sling.

And then your precious miracle arrives and you realize… where the heck am I supposed to keep this thing? It’s too big for the bathroom floor, it’s an awkward shape for storage so… what?

The FlexiBath is a collapsing baby bathtub that contains so heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, or other harmful materials. This thing goes from flat to full-size fun in just a snap. There’s also an attachable support for your littlest of little ones who can’t quite sit on their own yet.

This is the perfect tub for families living in small spaces who may not have a bathtub baby can grow into–it’s recommend for ages 0-4 years.

We also love the FlexiBath toys in our house. Made of Silicone, this set of bath toys suction to the side of the bath tub and come with cute little cups, a pitcher and a pot with a lid (after all, aren’t the simplest toys the

You can buy FlexiBath and toys at participating retailers or online at Amazon for around $35 dollars.

Wubbanubs. We love Wubbys in our home. They are the perfect way to teach a child early on about self-soothing. (Maisy knows it’s sleepy time when we give her her Wubby)

Wubbanubs are little plushes (perfect for little hands!) with attached Soothie pacifiers (made of 100% non-toxic, medical-grade silicone!), the same ones hundreds of hospitals across the country distribute in their nurseries.

Wubbys allow orally fixated babies to suck as they please, and allows Mommas (and Papa’s too) to find pacis that otherwise might be lost in stroller blankets, car seats, or floors of supermarkets.

The entire Wubbanub is safe for the washer (no crazy hand wash routine needed) and they come in a variety of plushes: lambs, bears, dogs, giraffes, even designer Wubbys by Mary Meyer (Maisy has the catapiller which was stitched with a variety of sensory fabrics!)

Wubbanubs can be found at Babies R Us, a store in your area, or at a supporting online retailer and sell for about $16.

aden + anais swaddle plus blankets. Maisy has been wrapped in an aden + anais blanket from the day she was born. I recommend these blankets to anyone I know.

Made of musin, a fabric mothers have trusted for generations, these swaddle blankets work over time as ideal burp cloths, tummy time floor mats, lovie blankets, and are ideal nursing covers on the go.

Light and airy these blankets will not smother baby if he comes unwrapped over the course of the night. Maisy sleeps with one over her face every night, no matter now often I pull the blanket down, up it will go again and she is just fine!

aden + anais’ product line extends to crib sheets made of organic cotton and sustainable bamboo, bibs, even sunggle blankets for Mom too. Each blanket has a precious pattern on it too making them perfect props for baby photography.

aden + anais swaddles sell in packs of four for about $32 and are sold at Babies R Us, Target, and these fine retailers!