{Hoosier Momma Moments} Maisy is 6 Months Old!

If you’re looking at your calender wondering to yourself if this post seems a little late, stop. That’s a little creepy. 

But to answer your growing concerns, yes. I am delayed. So so so delayed. Alas, I can think of lots of things to blame for my two week delay in making this post, but the Blackhawks are on game three and I just don’t have the time, people!
So here we go, an emotional look back at the most proud, and yet somehow devastating (my little peanut is growing and she will never be this small ever again. Heart = broken), six months of my life.
This was our last set of monthly photos taken from our old South Bend home. (Time to update the ole contact page so all my adoring fans can find me! You are looking for me…Right?)
She wore her signature Mickey ears. We had them signed by Mickey and Minnie on our pre-baby engagement trip and later we had them personalized for our Maisy. 
These ears are INFANT sized. I kid you not. They are ginormous. 
“Maisy Jean, you’re now six months old! What are you going to do?”

“Ah nanana da da da DEEE nahbaba” (that’s baby for I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!)
Fun Fact: Maisy’s half birthday was on Justin’s golden birthday. May 26th is a day I apparently will never be able to forget. 
And now a look back at the past six months of my life. And to make you feel as emotional as I do when I look at these pictures, please let this video of “Baby of Mine” from Dumbo play in the background (as a plus, the music will cover up the sounds of my your weeping!)
One Month Old:
Five Months Old:
ANNNDDDD just to drive home my teetering emotional state, here is my precious baby when she was only a week old
Any way to deal with this horrible growing up thing other than wine and hopes of Neverland?
Hang in there Mommas
Thanks for reading!