{Food Crush} Deliciously Frozen Treats at the Walt Disney World Resort

So you’ve followed my Summer Disney Tips and you made it down to Florida and you’re wondering to youself:

“Sheesh! Why didn’t Ally mention how freaking hot it is down here!”

To make it up to you guys, I’m talking all about my favorite frozen Disney treats and telling you where you can find them on your vacation. Enjoy!

Dole Whip Float

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Did you know that Dole Whip in Hawaiian means “Heaven”? (Okay, so that’s not entirely true…) Still! This little delight in a cup is the absolute best thing on a hot day: deliciously sweet pineapple soft serve floating in Dole pineapple juice. Feeling adventurous? Swirl your pineapple with orange or vanilla soft serve. Available at Captain Cooks at Disney’s Polynesian Resort or at Aloha Isle in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom.

Lefou’s Brew

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The signature drink at Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland, Lefou’s Brew is a sweet refreshing drink for all ages. Frozen apple juice with just a hint of toasted marshmallow all topped with an all-natural, passion fruit-mango foam. You’ll want to reach for a straw to sip this one or you’ll quickly be sporting a foamy mustache! Feel like splurging? Order it in the souvenir stein glass!

Mickey Premium Bars

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A staple of any Disney vacation. Mickey Premium bars are the iconic sign of a sweet vacation and just scream “Summertime” to me! Smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream dipped in rich dark chocolate, presented in the shape of our favorite mouse and served up on a stick. Grab some napkins for this one, people. You’ll want to eat every single drop.

Grand Mariner Slush

When you visit Epcot, take a trip around the world to the amazing stand across from Les Chefs de France at the France pavilion in the World Showcase. This little stand holds two deliciously adult frozen beverages perfect for the hottest of days. My favorite is the Grand Marnier Orange Slush. Tasting exactly like an orange Dreamcicle, this sinfully frozen cocktail is one of my favorites. Grand Marnier not quite your style? This stand also carries a Gray Goose frozen lemonade. Sip responsibly!

“Adult Ice Cream” from L’Artisan des Glaces

While you’re in France at Epcot, walk towards the Eiffel Tower and stumble into the new L’Artisan des Glaces artisan Ice Cream and Sorbet shop. My absolute favorite is the decadent caramel fleur de sel ice cream. A scoop of rich and sweet caramel ice cream with just a sprinkle of legendary French fleur de sel salt mixed with a scoop of creamy vanilla and chocolate-covered cookie pieces served up in a martini glass. And just in case that wasn’t enough? You can top all this deliciousness with a shot of your choice of liquor: Grand Marnier, Whipped Cream Vodka, or Rum. Absolutely unbelievable.

Coffee Mezcal Margarita

Travel around the World Showcase a bit and visit the pavilion for our friends to the south: Mexico. Inside the ancient Mayan ruins, to the right is La Cava del Tequila, an artisan tequila bar. Literally every margarita here is phenomenal. But, since this is a frozen series, I’m obsessed with the dangerous Coffee Mezcal Margarita. A blend of Mezcal tequila and coffee make this interesting margarita taste exactly like something you order at a Starbuck’s counter. (See what I mean about dangerous?)

Red Stag Frozen Lemonade

This is one of Justin’s favorites and is so easily overlooked. Located at the “Fiddler and Pipe” food stand in Epcot’s American Adventure plaza, this lemonade is the perfect cocktail to grab to enjoy during the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series. Tart and sweet lemonade mixed in with Jim Bean Red Stag: a black cherry whiskey. Watch out for brain freezes though–it’s easy to suck this one down too fast!

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

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 Nestled on the end of Main Street in Magic Kingdom, the newly renovated Main Street Bakery will lure you in with its tantalizing smells long before you can even take a look at their beautiful pastries. Its proximity to the Ice Cream Plaza is also important to note as hidden on the menu at the bakery is the delicious Ice Cream Sandwich. Browse all the delicious cookies behind the glass and choose two and those will be smashed on either side of a heaping scoop of creamy ice cream. Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.

Kitchen Sink

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If you’re staying on property, make a trip out to Disney’s Beach Club Resort and stop into Beaches & Cream. Sit down, glance at the menu, then throw the menu down dramatically, wave your finger in the air and shout “BRING ME YOUR FINEST KITCHEN SINK, PLEASE!” This massive sundae will arrive at your table. The Kitchen sink is literally a kitchen sink overflowing with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, sprinkles, whipped cream, chopped nuts, and plenty of cherries on top (And that’s just the short list. See all the delicious ingredients here!). Bring friends when you order this monster, it’s almost impossible to finish yourself!

Lone Ranger Slush:

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If you’re in Magic Kingdom this summer, stop by Peco Bill Tall Tale Tavern and sip a refreshing Lone Ranger slush. In celebration of the new adventure movie riding into theaters June 3, “The Lone Ranger,” you can enjoy a sweet root-beer slush. This is the perfect drink for all ages and can be served up in a souvenir boot glass. But hurry! This frozen treat is a part of Disney’s Limited Time Magic–an exciting series of limited-time fun at Disney Parks this year!