2013 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Good afternoon faithful blog readers. I’m so sorry that I am just awful when it comes to updating this blog.
Maisy’s First Halloween
I have officially accepted the fact that I am utterly insane for having decided to plan a wedding, raise an infant and start a new job. Completely crazy. But worth it in the end. We are getting married in about 50 days!
This past Friday my father was in town so Justin and I decided to take him over to Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party since we had such a great time the year before. This would be the first time we would be taking Maisy, it is her first Halloween after all.
When we loaded up the car for the night, we brought along the things we usually bring for Peanut on a day at the Walt Disney World parks. We could get into the Halloween party as early as 4 p.m. with our hard tickets for the Halloween party so we left the house and arrived at Magic Kingdom around 5 p.m.
Playing Peek-a-Boo with Minnie Mouse
The new MyMagic+ technology of Touch-to-Enter was in place with the new Halloween Party Tickets. Our party was sold out, but with Touch-to-Enter, we breezed right through the crowds and got our wristbands.
From the beginning, I was obsessed with Touch-to-Enter because you don’t get stuck behind a gate with the stroller and wait for someone to let you in! Having brought a stroller into the parks with and without Touch-to-Enter, the latter is an absolute smooth ride.
Justin and I were really bad about getting our costumes ready (did you see the stuff we have on our plates) so we threw our costumes together. Maisy is obsessed with Dalmatians. We can’t leave the house without a Dalmatian toy for her to have and so when we were discussing our costumes we decided to go as Dalmatians. I used puffy-paint to make Maisy’s shirts and mine and we put Justin in some of my dad’s firefighter gear.
Maisy and Daddy
My dad went as a dead ringer as Agent Leroy Jethrow Gibbs from the CBS drama NCIS (cup of coffee included from the new Starbucks location at the Main Street Bakery).
PopPop as Agent Gibbs
We all went trick-or-treating, watched the fireworks and the parade and all-in-all had a great night. We did do some things differently because we had Maisy so here are some suggestions and tips.
Dress your baby in a comfortable costume. October in Florida is not like October in Indiana. It’s still hot with rain being likely daily. You will want Baby to be in something that’s breathable and can get wet without getting ruined. (True story, it rained like crazy at our party. The parade was delayed three times!)
Maisy in the rain waiting for the parade!
As the Halloween parties get closer to actual Halloween, the crowds will get thicker. Luckily, a sold-out Halloween Party has significantly less Guests than a day where Magic Kingdom is at capacity, but it means your baby or toddler will likely be in their stroller for the majority of the evening. Large costumes or dresses with big skirts are not going to fly.
When we decided Maisy would be a little Dalmatian for Halloween, my sister made her an adorable tutu with lots of white crinilin and red and black ribbon. We put it on Maisy and she looked so stinkin’ cute, but the minute we got to the parks, she was having NONE of it.
RIP tutu
We ended up carrying it around all night. Comfortable costumes are just an easier way to go. (This goes for Moms and Dads too. Justin’s fire helmet looked awesome in photos but he ended up carrying it around for candy as the night went on. Eventually it ended up in our stroller with everything else.
The other tip I would recommend, especially for babies, is to get your pictures done the minute you get into the park. Seriously. It’s a long night for a baby to go to a Halloween Party. Maisy was already winding down for the day when we dressed her up and took her out to the party. We tried to plan for a long nap in the afternoon so she could enjoy the night but it didn’t happen.
One Pooped Peanut
Remember that Babies are free under three, even for the Halloween parties, so if your kiddo falls asleep, it’s all good.
A new tip for this year is to watch the fireworks near the new Rapunzel tower. The fireworks are literally 360 around you and it was a great view with significantly less people!
If you want more Fall Disney tips, you can always check out this post for all kinds of Fall Disney fun!
Thanks for looking!