Party Inspiration from the Hollywood Premiere of Disney’s “Frozen”

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Just before my wedding in November, my friend Dani and I decided to take a little trip to California to attend the premiere of the newest Walt Disney Animated Feature, Frozen.

There is something so surreal about Hollywood. I was totally smitten with all the glitz and glamor, and I couldn’t help but linger on the red, I mean white, carpet!

Needless to say the event was beyond amazing. Not only did we sit among Hollywood and Disney bigshots, we attended the after party and bump elbows with the movie’s stars as well!


Frozen is without a doubt an instant Disney classic and kids around the world will soon want to through Frozen celebrations of their own. So here are a few ideas from the Frozen premiere that you can copy at your very own Frozen celebration.

Make it Winter Festive. The theme of the red carpet was Winter Festive so Dani and I donned snowflakes, scarves, and coats, all to appeal to style of film we were seeing. The white carpet was lined with real snow and an adorable little hot chocolate stand (yep, that’s the little girl from The Neighbors on ABC)  with free cocoa to keep you cozy. When you reached the end of the carpet, there were ice carvers practicing their art.


If you want to pull out all the stops and recreate a winter wonderland in your home go for it! But you could easily recreate a wintery entranceway with a few snowflake mobiles and plush white pillows. Encourage your guests to dress for colder weather and crank down the AC–this will encourage your guests to stand closer together, generating conversation; a perfect ice breaker!

(At the very least, it will give your guests a story. At the premiere I was sandwiched between Josh Gad and Bob Iger for a solid minute. If that’s not living the dream I don’t know what is! Here’s a creepy shot I took of Josh Gad so you can gauge my proximity!)


Put it on Ice. Once inside the premiere party, the room warmed up but all the food and drink were chilled. Large ice sculptures with photos from the film stood on each table. Wine and deserts were served in chilled glasses. Entrees were all easy to eat without flatware, allowing you to walk around and greet people or openly stare at the rich and famous like I did!


Kids enjoyed a station where you could design your own Pop Tart with a variety of different frostings and a cereal bar with a few different choices of chilled milk.

For your Frozen party, Pop Tart and Cereal bars will be big hits with kids. If you’re celebrating in warmer weather, snow cones or slushies will keep things cool. Keep everything small in size, allowing people to graze on different cool dishes. Try chilled soups, ceviche, or yummy white chocolate mouse.

Do you wanna build a Snow-something? Games around the Hollywood premiere were equally excellent. You could throw rings onto icicles, toss snow balls into holes, and build your own Snowglobe. The songs from the film played over the entire party and I never got tired of hearing them play over and over! There was even a photo booth where we could pose with characters from the film and an opportunity to meet with Anna and Elsa themselves!


If you’re entertaining children, games are a necessity. Play hot potato with an actual snowball,  ring toss onto an icicle, pin the carrot onto Olaf, or make your own snowglobes using kits available at craft stores.

Want to get the party started? Have a build your own snowman contest. Out in the snow if it’s cold, or with Styrofoam if it’s not.


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