Moments with Maisy

My beautiful little Maisy is now 18 months old. I can’t believe how much she’s transformed into a sassy little person in the last six months alone! Everyday with this little beauty is an adventure, so I want to share some of these moments of silliness, sighs, and encouragement with you when they happen.

Maisy Moments - Urban

Recently, Justin and I took a visit to our local mall where we popped into Urban Outfitters. We always enjoy looking at the silly little gifts and books they sell there. While by the books, I heard Maisy squeal with delight and shout “Book!” when we were beside the books, but we continued through the store.

As we were about to exit, I popped my head over the side of the stroller to check on Maisy. She was talking out loud to someone and that’s when I realized she had a book in her hands.

One thing I love about Maisy is her fascination with books. She will carry them around, study them, “read” out loud to us all day if she could. I made a point to never interrupt her time with a book. That is until I noticed this gem she off the shelf in Urban Outfitters. “101 Places to get F*cked Up Before You Die”.

Luckily, it wasn’t a picture book.