Summer Reading: Maisy’s Favorite Picture Books

A few weeks ago, I talked about Maisy’s love of books. Every night after her bath, we curl up with one of her favorite books for some end of the day snuggles.

There are a few books she loves to have read to her that I love to read to her. Here are our favorites for your next story time!

Little Pea by Amy Kraus Rosenthal


This was the first story book Maisy ever received. It was from my parents at my baby shower.


Little Pea tells the tale of a little pea and his Momma Pea and Poppa Pea and along the way it encourages healthy eating.


It’s also full of adorable illustrations that are really touching for a family of three. Maisy loves it when Little Pea eats his candy, I get a little giggle every time!


Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell


Dear Zoo was one of my favorites as a child and I was so excited to see it for sale again at our local Target to celebrate its 30year anniversary.

Maisy loves to read through and lift all the flaps. She’s partial to the lion crate where she lets out a huge “ROAR” when she sees it.


This book is great practice for animal sounds and identification as well as fine motor skills with lifting up all the flaps.


Sofia the First: Princesses to the Rescue by Catherine Hapka


Laying it all out on the table here, we LOVE Sophia the First in this house and these story books are so incredibly adorable that I have to get one when they come out.


The Princesses to the Rescue book features a surprise visit from Mulan with a moral of little girls can do anything they set their minds to.


A Sister More Like Me by Barbara Jean Hicks


Even our 18 month old wasn’t immune to the Frozen craze that stemmed from the incredibly successful Disney film (remember that time I went to the premiere?). Maisy LOVES Frozen, she knows all the characters by name, most of the words to “Let it Go” and she gets so incredibly excited when she sees the word Frozen!


When my sister was in town last month, we were milling around Disney’s Hollywood Studios and I saw this book on one of the shelves. I picked it up, read through it and proceeded to cry, hug my sister and tell her I loved her.

And then I purchased it.

The illustrations are beautiful, drawn in classic Golden Book style. I was so impressed with this book!


Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty


While we’re on the topic of my sister, she picked up this book for Maisy the last time we were all together. Jenny—Auny Nenny to Maisy—is an engineer and doesn’t hesitate to teach her niece the ways of following in her footsteps.

This book was a major success! The story is written in a sweet rhyme and emphasizes how failures are learning points to future successes.


It’s drawn in this amazing pen and watercolor style that’s super detailed and inspiring. I love playing I-Spy with Maisy in these intricate pages.

Plus, the dedication is really adorable.


Have a favorite picture book you or your kiddos love? Share it with me below!