My Five Favorite Honest Products

If you’ve been around a while, it’s really no secret how much I love The Honest Company. We’ve been using their products ever since Maisy was born. I am totally in love with their durability, gentle strength, and affordability and I will recommend them until the day I die.


These products are now available at retailers across the US, including Target, but one of the best ways to get these products is through a bundle from their page. The Essentials Bundle is totally custom with a variety of beauty, home, and baby products to choose from for $35.95/bundle. You can even choose how frequently you want your bundles delivered. We opt for every 8 weeks, making our bundles cost about $18 month.

I encourage you to give the Honest Company a try! And if you’re having trouble deciding, here are five of our favorite products you and your family will love.

Honest Organic Cotton Dish Towels

Maybe it’s the pretty blue color, or how perfectly soft these things are, but we can’t get enough of them. They have quickly replaced every dish towel in our house. The soft cotton is really durable and absorbent, picking up messes in one swoop.

Even Maisy reaches for them for her little messes. And truth be told, we catch her snuggled up with warm ones right out of the dryer every now and then.

If you add the dish towels to your Essential Bundle, you’ll get a pack of two. Hang them for all to see, they’re pretty amazing.


Honest Soothing Bottom Wash


This has been a lifesaver for Maisy. As she eats more big-kid food, her number-two messes are getting more difficult to clean with just one swipe of a wipe. We spray a little of this stuff before wiping, and it cleans right up. It also smells AMAZING, even in dire circumstances like gross number twos. It’s small enough to fit in small bags if you’re grabbing a diaper and wipe pack on the way out of the house.


Honest Face and Body Lotion & Honest Body Oil


These two are really a dynamic skin-care duo. I use this lotion & oil combination every single day. Every. Single. Day. My skin glows, is silky smooth, and I never feel greasy or sticky after it dries.

The Body Oil is really versatile too. I’ve used it to deep condition my hair (mix it with a little coconut oil) and make “wipe juice” for Maisy’s cloth wipes.


Honest Shampoo and Body Wash


This is one of my favorite products to keep in my makeup bag, Yep, you heard me right. My makeup bag!

Why? Because this cleanser is the perfect grease-cutting concoction for cleaning make up brushes.

Wet an especially gunky brush, apply the soap, and rinse.

It works great on makeup sponges too.


Side note, this was an especially difficult day as Maisy recently decided she was afraid of the sink. I’m still getting used to having this  little girl who can reach onto cabinets and literally climb her way into my arms when she wants me to hold her. Every day is an adventure.

Are you an Honest family? What are your favorite products?