Sneak Peek: Maisy’s Midnight Snack Birthday Party

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends! It was definitely bitter sweet for our family.

Over the course of last week, my sweet Maisy turned 21 months old. It dawned on me just how much my little girl had grown over the last year, and how excited I was that she was becoming this little, perfect, adorable person.

Maisy Logo

It also made me realize that her birthday was fast approaching, and with a busy September and October, I knew I had to jump on the planning for her big day—it would be here before I knew it!

When thinking of themes to celebrate Maisy, Justin made the excellent point that her birthday is as much a celebration of us as it is a celebration of her. The three of us conquered a lot this past year—moving to our new home, starting new jobs, getting married—all while raising this wild toddler who enjoyed pulling all-nighters while cutting teeth and pooping in the bathtub.

We had more late nights over this past 12 months than we did when Maisy was first born, and all those late nights involved a heck of a lot of snacking. I then decided to celebrate our baby with a diner-themed party: Maisy’s Late Night Snack.

Maisy Circles

So far, planning is still in the early stages. I’ve designed her invitations: round cut-outs that look like doughnuts on one side with party info on the other.

Maisy invites

I’ve also created vintage-inspired posters to hang around the house with sarcastic sayings the three of us most definitely muttered at some point during the past year. All the amazing stock photos are courtesy of my favorite site: Tack-O-Rama.


I’ve been pinning ideas daily on my Midnight Snack board on Pinterest. Be sure to stop by and follow along in our progress!

The big day is set for November 22. Stay tuned to Ally Jean for more fun for Maisy’s birthday!