DIY Gift: A Desk in a Jar

This past week my manager at work returned from maternity leave. I started my new position while she was out, and I’m so excited to be working with her!


While she was out I had a temporary manager who now is off to a new position within our company. My team wanted to thank her for leading us while our manager was out and congratulate her on her new role. She is seemingly always on a temporary assignment somewhere so we decided to make her a little going away gift of a Desk in a Jar.

I got the idea from this absolutely adorable jar-desk on Pinterest which took me to Oh Happy Day, an absolutely adorable party and lifestyle blog.


Target was really a one-stop shop for this project. I purchased a large glass canister, some miscellaneous office supplies and all-purpose paint pens in a few basic colors.

I tried to keep all the objects going into the canister the same colors. I chose purple and green because our temporary manager is from Louisiana—who doesn’t like Mardi Gras colors every day of the year?

For the decal on the front, I created the graphic on the computer, printed it out and taped it to the inside of the canister. I then used the paint pens to trace the letters, and did a few extra touch-ups so the letters we clear.


I topped the gift off with a little purple twine, and kraft-paper tags

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