A brief trip to Denver


Justin and I recently travelled to Denver, Colorado to watch my cousin, Liz, marry the love of her life, Donald.

The wedding was so beautiful, and Liz won the award for most beautiful bride. Talk about instant tears! The two were such good sports too, enduring endless pictures in the iconic bride and groom Mickey & Minnie ears –a favorite gift Justin and I give to newlyweds (#sorrynotsorry).


It was a short, kid-free weekend for us. We fell in love with the mountains, the unique boutique feel of downtown, and of course the amazing breweries on every corner.

We first fell in love with the Western US when we visited Disneyland earlier this year. There was something about limited humidity and a smooth mountain breeze that really relaxed us.

We spent our last day on the rooftop of the Fainting Goat watching the Broncos game. Afterwards, we wandered to a Chicago Bears fan bar. Orlando, like Denver, is a transient city, with many residents coming from elsewhere in the United States. Unlike Orlando, however, Denver really seemed to embrace the “where I’m from” mentality, with area bars serving as hubs for transient residents to talk about hometowns.

It was something that really resonated with me and I absolutely can’t wait to go back!

I hope to share more from Donald & Liz’s wedding soon. Till then, follow Ally Jean on Facebook!