Moments with Maisy: Maisy Day at Walt Disney World

Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop rushing around, to look away from whatever virtual screen I’m staring at, to make time to be with Maisy. In a little over two weeks my sweet little Peanut will be turning two, and I will cease to have a baby as she toddles off into the world of Big Kid-dom.

MJ Day Featured Image

I get emotional just thinking about it, thinking about everything this little girl has seen and done for the first time in two years, and how few, mighty firsts remain: First day of school, First car, First date.

Saturday was one of those emotional days. I was watching my little girl run back and forth in our living room, singing “Apple Juice” over and over and I decided Today will be Maisy Day. Today she will have the best day ever. Sure, she’s two and the chances of her remembering our perfect day at Walt Disney World are slim, but these fleeting moments with my baby, I sure as hell was not going to forget.

We started the day the Magic Kingdom, Maisy finally able to fit in the “infant” sized Minnie ears Justin and I bought for her when she was still in my belly on the trip where we got engaged.

She gave kisses to daddy, she met Princess Ariel, watched a parade.

She’s always so serious, studying the things around her with a furrowed brow before bursting into a sneaky grin or cackling laugh, or shift giggle. You can watch her process things in her head like someone waiting to get the punch line of a joke.

I think I’m mom enough to be sad. It’s sad to watch your baby grow, change, develop. To me, Maisy represents Justin and I, a product of our carefree days when we cared little about how much money we had (or didn’t have) or how we were going to take care of a baby in a tiny 1-room apartment. Now as she grows, our marriage grows. We’re maturing too, learning new things, adapting. That growth is so powerful and warm–but I still wish I could hold my baby as tightly as I wanted without her squirming away to do something new.

Maisy Jean, I can’t believe you’re turning two. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a sassy, smart, independent, beautifully kind and sweet daughter to raise. I can’t wait to see you grow and change the rest of your life.

Momma loves you, Peanut!