Reed & Dani’s Silver Screen Halloween

I’ve never enjoyed the fact that when everyone wakes up on November first, suddenly it’s Christmas time. I’m a firm believer that the Halloween holiday rolls through the first week of November, where my home prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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There’s got to be someone out there who agrees with me, which is why I’m throwing in one last Halloween party on the blog before my attention shifts to Thanksgiving.

Two weekends back, my best friend Dani and her boyfriend Reed threw a wonderful party at their house, and I’m so excited to share the details!

Guests were invited to dress as their favorite on-screen characters. Justin and I went as Burt Macklin (FBI) and Janet Snakehole (Wealthy Widow with a dark secret) from Parks & Recreation. Here we are with our friends Larry & Linda who went as Danny &  Sandy from Grease.


It’s also completely worth mentioning the crazy amazing C3-P0 dress Dani MADE this year for Halloween. Some people have the sewing gift (I obviously, do not). Here are Dani & Reed flaunting their perfect costumes at Mickey’s Not So Halloween Party this year. Unbelievable.


Back to the party.

There was no shortage of tasty treats at this shindig. I was a huge fan of the Pumpkin Pie Kisses – pumpkin spice Hershey’s kisses wrapped in pie dough, baked and topped with cinnamon sugar. Delicious!

The cheese grave yard was a big hit. Dani cut some delicious cheeses into tombstone shapes and placed them on top of leaf-shaped crackers. It was so delightfully spooky.

One of the simplest features of this party really made the biggest impact, and it’s something that I’m ready to use at our next spooky-themed party. Over at the bar, a variety of toxic cocktails were set up in stations, with (and here comes the simple feature with big impact) pipets of different ingredients to be stirred in. This was so fun, playing mad scientist mixing up a cocktail, and it gave all beverages a scary vibe.

Along with the pipets, the couple served shots from test tubes–a true mad-lab of libations.

Thanks for sharing your party, Dani & Reed!