The view from the top of the (Walt Disney) World

One of the perks of living so close to Walt Disney World, is sometimes you get crazy opportunities to explore your favorite attractions before anyone else.

Everst feature image

Earlier this year, I checked in to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, and yesterday morning I climbed The Forbidden Mountain at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Being on top of Everest truly felt like, well, being on top of Everest! You could see all four theme parks at Walt Disney World, as well as many of the resort hotels.

There were some pretty incredible drops too. Can you imagine walking up and down this staircase on a regular basis?


The tour topped off with the ultimate experience, meeting Betty the Yeti! The detail on her was unbelievable. She even had tastebuds and finger prints!


If you could get a closer look at any Walt Disney World attraction, which would you choose?