Maisy’s Midnight Snack Birthday Party

Maisy's Midnight Snack

Last Wednesday, my sweet little peanut turned two. We celebrated in style onboard the Disney Fantasy, but before we set sail, we threw Maisy a little celebration at home. It was time for Maisy’s Midnight Snack!

Guests enjoyed a build-your-own donut bar, a variety of hot dips and flavored popcorn, and other sweet snacks.

Instead of a traditional smash cake, we gave Maisy a stack of doughnuts to dig into. I had to have a laugh when she began painstakingly picking off each sprinkle one by one!

I purchased the colorful straws, favor boxes, popcorn containers and this gorgeous Milk-glass cake stand from The TomKat Studio. I cannot begin to emphasize how amazing Tami with their shop was! After receiving the paper products I had ordered, I was told the cake stand was on back order and wouldn’t be available for a few weeks. Knowing Maisy’s party was only a weekend away, I let Tami know it was really no biggie–that I was pleased with everything else but the stand just wasn’t in the cards.

She then contacted the manufacturer and had one shipped directly to me in time for the party. I was some seriously stunning guest service that made for a perfect evening to celebrate our princess.

If you are interested in using the printable set for your little one’s celebration, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help you customize them for your needs.

For recipe ideas and inspiration for your own Midnight Snack party, visit Ally Jean on Pinterest!