“ReinBeer Games” DIY Gift & Drinking Game

ReinBeer Games DIY Gift & Drinking Game

Friday, Justin and I celebrated Christmas with our friends. With tight budgets this Christmas, I admit I struggled trying to get gifts for everyone. It was some where around the 10th time through Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Maisy is SUPER  into Rudolph this year) that I got a brilliant idea of combining our group of friends two favorite things: beer and board games.

I designed these printables to be more rustic than festive. There are decorative beer labels and a cut-out to cover the 6-pack holder in.

On each beer, I tied a task (beers that were labeled with two reindeer names had two tasks and the drinker had to choose) that had to do with the reindeer names and, of course, drinking.


Take a look at the tasks I chose below:

  • Dasher: Last one to the door drinks (foot race)
  • Dancer: Create a dance to “We Three Kings” and everyone else drinks
  • Prancer: Everyone drinks for as long as you can dance like The Nutcracker
  • Vixen: Flirt with someone using only holiday pick-up lines. “Honey, I Love You” rules apply–first person to laugh, the flirter or the flirtee, drinks
  • Comet: Rename space movies with Holiday titles. (Example: “A Star! A Star! Wars”)
  • Cupid: Impersonate another couple in the room. They drink.
  • Donner: Trade an article of clothing with someone in the room. Everyone else drinks.
  • Blitzen: Shotgun a beer or take a shot
  • Rudolph: Flip cup challenge

To play the game, players take a beer from the 6 pack and perform a task. It’s that simple.

Download the ReinBeer games printables here: ReinBeer Games Printables

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Happy Holidays!