This year I will capture & record more family memories


Today, I’m talking more about my new years resolutions, and today’s is one I will really work hard towards this year. I used to be really into scrapbooking, and I recorded all of Justin and I’s early dating days, and my entire pregnancy, but I had the hardest time sitting down and scrapbooking when Maisy was born.

So this year, I am hoping to fix that. 

Resolution #2: I will capture and record more family memories.

Let’s get right to it.

What’s my problem?

  • Hard copies of photos. I have drawers and drawers of SD and memory cards that are maxed out on photos. On top of that, my external hard drive is full of photos that need to be developed. I’d like to see less photos on my computer and more photos in albums on my shelf.
  • Photo storage. Beyond the digital surplus of photos, my closets are full of photos that have been developed that need to be preserved (beyond storage in shoe boxes). I have photos from Justin’s childhood, photos from college and childhood and even some from when my parents were young. I would love to have them preserved in a much more beautiful way.
  • Camera phone. Blame it on the simplicity of it, but I continue to take significantly more photos on my iPhone than with a quality camera. The result always leaves me with significant moments in time forever memorialized with blurry pictures.
  • I have no time. Scrapbooking was so rewarding and fun, but it took so much time. I could sit and scrapbook all day and finish maybe 3 or 4 spreads because of how meticulous it was. This year, I want to preserve memories, but I need a way to do it that is quick and easy in addition to being beautiful.

What are my goals? 

  • To have all stored photos in albums by years end
  • To create new albums for the past 2 years (2013, 2014)
  • To update a 2015 album perpetually throughout the year
  • To reach more for my DSLR or digital camera, and less for my phone.

What am I trying? 

I looked long and hard to find something new to try in lieu of scrapbooking and I decided to try two things.

First, I’m starting Project Life. Project life by Becky Higgens offers albums, photo pages and core kits of coordination cards and embellishments. Putting together beautiful albums is as easy as slipping photos and cards into the pages.

In addition to physical elements, Project Life offers digital options to produce your photos on your computer into digital scrapbook pages, and a recently launched app where you can create digital pages using photos on your phone.

I also will be taking more advantage of all the offerings available through Shutterfly. From digital photo books, home decor options and delivered photo prints in a variety of sizes, I can order memories and have them delivered right to my door. Talk about convenience.


I’m so excited to get started using Project Life and Shutterfly this year! What are your favorite ways to capture and record family memories?

Share your time-saving memory recording tips in below!