This year I will live positively


Happy Thursday, readers. It’s day four of my resolution week. I’ve discussed my goals this year on a variety of topics: getting organized, capturing and recording family memories and weight loss.

Today, I’ll be talking about another year-long lifestyle change. But I wont be focusing on my outwardly appearance, but matters of the head and heart.

Let’s get to it.

Resolution #4: This year I will live positively.

I dont want to seem like a negative person. I dont walk around with a dark cloud over my head and I’m rarely rude. But I do have some negative tendoncies that I’d like to spend the year working on.

What’s my problem?

  • Negative Thinking & Saying. When something bothers me, or when I’m upset at someone I think on it and think on it until it festers inside me. Even worse, if I’m upset and around people I love, I will complain and complain instead of confronting my issues. I’d like to find ways to sort out my negative thoughts and feelings without them clouding my mind or impacting my relationships.
  • Talking Trash. I’m bad at complaining and even worse at talking trash. If someone irritates me, I’ll trash talk them to my poor husband. I know I’m doing it and I can’t stop it.
  • Problem dweller not a problem solver. I spend a lot of time focusing on the problem and everything I dont like about it instead of confronting it head on and taking care of it.

What are my Goals?

  • Follow the example of strong women
  • Banning word vomit from daily conversation
  • Channel my frustrations into positive release

What am I trying?

This year I’m trying to follow the mindsets of strong females. I’m reading books by some of my favorite women and follow their examples about confronting problems head-on.

See what kinds of books I’m reading on GoodReads.

I’m also getting back into Journalling. I used to journal all through high school and college and found it a great way to work through and think through my frustrations and problems, rather than spewing the hate around.

Pretty simple resolution this year but it requires a lot of conscious thought.

Are you working on being more positive this year? Share your methods in the comments!