Quick Care Package for the Bride-to-Be


This holiday season, I got a pretty spectacular phone call. I was standing in my living room, packing up some things for our family trip to see my parents for Christmas, and on the caller ID was my best friend Dani.

The reason this phone call was so spectacular was because she let me know that her boyfriend Reed had proposed! Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with excitement for those two, and I definitely screamed.


Because Dani is my best friend, I felt like I absolutely had to spoil her a bit. So I put together a little quick care package for her as she begins the exciting wedding-planning process.

Dani and Reed are two of mine and Justin’s closest couple friends here in Florida. Our other close friends, Larry and Linda, were also engaged last year. A few weeks before Dani and Reed’s engagement, the six of us were all hanging out for a little Christmas Celebration, and Justin and I brought along the top of our wedding cake to share. We made the joke that eating that cake with everyone would bring all kinds of good luck. It looks like we were right!


I put together Dani’s care package with a few little things. I purchased an Alex & Ani bracelet with Anna and Elsa from Frozen on it, a nod to our best friend trip to the Hollywood premiere of the film in 2013.

Dani had asked me to order her a color sample of fabric from Azazie and the sample looked so nice, that I decided to include it.


I also ordered her a monogrammed (with her new name!) Maybook. The pages are specific for wedding planning, and I loved the bright vibrant pattern.

To wrap it all up, I threw in a cute little bottle of champagne topped with a big bow. There are plenty of stresses while planning a wedding and every once in a while you need to sit back and toast your big day.

I found these adorable “Cheers” tags in the dollar spot of Target and topped the whole gift off in a kraft paper bag with sparkly polka dot paper.

This gift and other quick gift ideas can be viewed on Pinterest.

Thanks for looking!