Candy-Cane Chex (Or how to eat a half pound of white chocolate in an hour)

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I am a firm believer that Christmas decorations should stay up until at least the second week of January. It’s sad enough going back to work after 2 weeks of vacation and half-days, so why is everyone rushing to turn their house back to boring?

Our family just took down our Christmas tree Sunday, and I’ve been finding little Christmas decorations all around the house since. One thing I love to decorate with is candy canes! I hang candy canes on our tree for little pops of red and white. When the tree came down, I was surrounded by candy canes that I had to find something to do with.

Enter my favorite recipe for winter.

I first tried this recipe out the week before Christmas. I surprised my coworkers with a different treat for the five days before the holidays. Candy Cane Chex was Day 1, and it was a HUGE hit.

When I found myself drowning in candy canes this weekend, I decided to whip up a batch and then promptly eat all of it. I regret nothing.

I followed this recipe on Your Cup of Cake for Peppermint Bark Puppy Chow. I reduced the chocolate a bit and used 8 ounces. I found this lightly coated the Chex versus dunked it in chocolaty goodness like puppy chow.

This is super simple to make and totally addictive.

Sometimes there’s big chunks of candy canes left over and it adds a bit of an extra crunch.

Here’s what you need:


  • 6 cups Chex cereal
  • 8 ounces white chocolate
  • 15 candy canes
  • 2 gallon-sized plastic bags

Pulse the candy canes and pulse them in a blender until they resemble fine powder. I do a few at a time to avoid too many large chunks. Fill the powder into a gallon-sized plastic bag.

Melt the chocolate until smooth. Pour the melted chocolate into the plastic bag with the 6 cups of Chex. Seal the bag and shake until the cereal is coated.

Pour the coated Chex into the plastic bag with the candy cane powder and shake until coated. Clean up is as easy as throwing away the plastic bags. super super easy!

If you have extra holiday mints lying around, totally give this recipe a try. If not, pin it for next Christmas!