Beat the post-holiday blues with a Cabin Fever Party

Cabin Fever Party Inspiration

The holidays are over and in many places around our country, the snow and cold temperatures are keeping everyone inside. There’s nothing worse that being cooped up–it’s a sure fire way to get a tough case of Cabin Fever.

Beat that post-holiday blues by getting your friends together for a little Cabin Fever Party.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Don your flannels and plaids. Encourage your guests to wear their favorite flannel shirts. Don’t limit the flannel to your attire.  Use flannel patterns on invitations, napkins and paper products. I love these plaid patterned thermoses as vases. Provide plaid or flannel blankets to your guests to encourage a little cuddling.

Embrace your inner lumberjack with a themed photo booth. Stock the booth full of props to capture your Cabin Fever memories: beards of all shapes and sizes, hunter’s hats and vests, and even a few antlers are perfect.

Keep food and drinks hearty. Serve up warm chili and fixings as a stationed bar, or suggest each guest bring a favorite soup or stew to swap. No cabin fever party is the same without s’mores. Provide pre-packaged kits that only require a bit of assembly. Want a less traditional but still delicious dessert? Serve up all-you-can-eat pancakes.

Give your guests something to drink that will warm them up. Offer up hot chocolate and coffee with some sweet alcoholic mix-ins like Bailey’s, Kalua, or Godiva Chocolate Liqueur. Embrace the manliest man inside of you and set up a whisky bar. Include a variety of scotch and bourbon whiskeys, ice optional.

When planning decor, take advantage of what’s around you. Use pinecones as place card holders or wood plates and bowls for displaying food; accent areas around your home with tiny potted saplings.  Upcycle some things you may have lying around the home. Tin watering cans or empty canned goods make perfect vases, mason jars make easy candle holders, or pitch a teepee out of blankets.

All these images and more Cabin Fever inspiration are available on Pinterest.