5 cozy must-haves for cold winter days

5 Cozy Must-haves for Cold Winter Days

Spring seems forever away with so many cold winter days. We don’t get snow here in Florida, but we are constantly bundled up when we head outside these days.

When the weather is so cold, you need to stay inside and snuggle up. Here are five of my favorite things to grab when I need to get cozy.

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1. A good book. 

I feel there is no day better spent than with my nose to a book. Books give you the opportunity to travel away from the snow outside and wherever you’d rather be.

On cold days when I’m inside staying warm, I love to grab a book of poetry and disappear in some beautiful words for a while. Sonata Mulattica by Rita Dove is a personal favorite.

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2. A warm beverage in a hot mug. 

Cold and rainy days call for a cup of tea, brisk mornings require a cup of hot coffee, and warm days by the fireplace need hot cocoa. Whatever the weather is, I know a hot cup of something will warm me from my head to my toes.

I love to collect cute mugs, and this one from Ashley Brooke Designs has the perfect saying for chilly days in beautiful periwinkle hand lettering.

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3. A soft pair of slippers.

Before moving to Florida, I used to depend on my Ugg boots for survival. There was no better pair of boots you wanted on your feet when you’re pushing a Volvo out of a snow drift (spoken from experience)

Now that we live in the South, I’ve definitely adopted a barefoot lifestyle, which means when it is actually cold my toes are freezing. I love these Ugg Dakota slippers. Soft and snuggly and discreet enough to wear to work. Not that I have.

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4. A sweet scented candle. 

Specific smells can calm or relax you, even transport you back in time. I love to light warm caramel scented candles on my cozy days at home.

Want some added style? Opt for this Light Up the Room scented candle by Kate Spade. I can’t get enough of her trendy, classic-yet-modern home decor, making this golden, polka-dot delight such a favorite.

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5. A cozy blanket. 

There is no better feeling than wrapping yourself up in a blanket when you’re cold. I love being wrapped up in soft blankets so much that I will do so even when it’s hot and humid outside. It’s a feeling that relaxes me instantly.

I love these Striped Cashmere Throws from Parachute Home. Parachute Home makes premium bedding that’s designed in LA, produced in Italy and delivered to you. This striped throw is lightweight, warm and generously sized–perfect for sharing–and made from 100% extra fine grade cashmere.

Learn more about Parachute Home and their gorgeous bedding here.

What are your favorite items to stay cozy on a cold day? Share them with me in the comments!