Mardi Gras Whisky Bar & Printables

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Happy Mardi Gras, ya’ll!! Today is a day full of gumbo, hurricanes, crawfish and beads and I hope you’re celebrating happily at home or on the town tonight.

If you’re getting people together to spend Mardi Gras at your place, consider keeping the south alive with traditional Southern whisky. The best way to make sure everyone gets what’s to their liking is to set up a whisky bar.

Mardi Gras Whisky Bar

Get together a variety of whiskys that cover a few different types. We pulled Canadian Whisky (Crown Royal), Scotch Whisky (Johnnie Walker Black) and bourbon whisky (Jim Bean). You can pull in some Tennessee Whisky (Jack Daniels), Rye whiskey (Wild Turkey) or even Irish whiskey (Jamison) for a bright variety to appease multiple palettes. Learn more about the different types of whiskeys here.



We also offered a signature beverage using Jim Bean Honey Bourbon Whisky and Pinnacle Cinnabun Vodka–a perfect taste for those who really don’t like the taste of whisky. You can get the recipe for the King Cake cocktail here. 

I added a few mixers for those who do not drink their whisky straight (ahem, myself), mainly Coke and Dr. Pepper, and added a few sliced pieces of fruit like lime and cherries. Whisky-lovers know the effect ice has on the taste of a full-bodied whisky, so we offered up whisky stones as a means of chilling a drink.



I dressed up the table with tall and short highball glasses, preset with straws and mixers. Cupcakes with Mardi Gras masks were available for those who wanted a sweet chocolatey treat.



Above the bar, I put together three Mardi Gras themed prints that I hung in Gold frames. I saw a print on Ruffled Blog by Ally B Designs that I loved, but couldn’t find available for purchase. I recreated it using The Carpender and Geared Slab fonts and applied the style to two new prints with traditional sayings. I spray painted a few frames gold to capture the elegance of Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Whisky Bar

You can download the prints here: Mardi Gras Prints

Mardi Gras Whisky Bar

For more last-minute Mardi Gras fun, visit Ally Jean on Pinterest.