Where the H have you been, Ally?

big announcemtn-06

Boy oh boy, am I doing terrible at my New Years Resolution of updating my blog recently. I tell you. What starts as a few days off for a stomach virus turns into three months off with a stomach virus. It’s a slippery slope of vomit over here on my end–and I’m sorry I’ve made you wait while I get my sh*t together (sometimes quite literally)!

It took a few weeks of being very very sick to finally get me to go to the doctor–where we got some totally amazing (albeit surprising) news: the Pippin family is growing by two feet!

Maisy, of course, is beyond excited. We’ve watched her new favorite video, a collection of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episodes from when his family has a new baby which she lovingly calls “Daniel Tiger New Baby,” SO many times that she is practically an expert.

So much of an expert in fact, when asked if she’s ready to be a big sister, my little Peanut will take to explaining to everyone where the baby is currently living, as it’s “not weady” or “still cookin’,” and take to attempting (and sometime succeeding) in pulling up my shirt to expose my growing belly. I’d like to take a moment now to apologize to my family, friends and fellow Target shoppers for having to see my ghostly-pale stomach.

With this being our second baby, Justin and I have remained remarkably chill about the whole thing. I casually told Justin we were expecting as he filled out a government form to renew our health insurance — the most chill ways to spill the beans for sure. He was filling in my information, checked the “no” box under the question of “Is Allyson Pippin currently pregnant?” to which I said, “Eh, you probably don’t want to check that box.” He in turn suggested in the most poetic way possible that we hold off on finding out the gender until the big birth day–siting there are too few “organic surprises left in this world.” *cue the tears*

Coincidentally, Baby Pippin is due October 5 which is the day Justin and I got engaged three years ago on Main Street U.S.A. (the baby will not be born in the same location). We will be so happy to welcome another little girl, but my fingers are secretly crossed for a little boy.

I promise to avoid extended hiatuses like this in the future, and I’m excited to share some baby fun as my belly continues to grow.

Thanks to all of you who popped in looking for updates when there were none–I won’t let you down again!