Review: GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Review: GlamGlow Supermud Clearning Treatment

I am obsessed with the skin on my face. From pimples, to wrinkles, to large pores, to rosacea, to patchy brown spots due to pregnancy–there’s always something to correct on my face. My beauty routines have always adjusted based on whatever I’m trying to correct at the time, and so whenever I hear about a “miracle” product, I’m itching to try it.

If you’ve ever searched Pinterest for “blackhead clearing treatment” you’ve probably stumbled across the GlamGlow Supermud before. It a was this pin that caught my eye because it looked too, well, gross to be possible. Could something really suck the crud out of our pores in one use?

I dragged my husband (in that I made him drive me) out to our local Sephora to grab a sample of this stuff, and then dragged him along on the adventure of trying this out with me. He was so thrilled for both.

To be fair, there was a perfectly legitimate scientific reason why I asked Justin to join me on the adventure of giving the GlamGlow Supermud a try. As I mentioned earlier I take really good care of the skin on my face. I wash twice daily, use an oil absorbing toner, regularly exfoliate and apply a mask once or twice a week.

Review: GlamGlow Supermud Clearning Treatment

Justin, my one true love, is a “use the left over suds from my shampoo to wash my face in the shower” kind of guy. He’s prone to breakouts and razor burn but is definitely not a product guy, namely due to his incredibly sensitive skin. I wanted to see if this product would work for both of us and not just me, the product-wielding guru.

First disclaimer of the post, if you’re looking to try this stuff check out the check-out line of your Sephora. They sell samples that are really generously sized for a third of the price!

We did little to prepare for this test. I simply removed my make-up and physically dragged Justin into the bathroom to get started. As you can tell by our before picture we were ready!

Review: GlamGlow Supermud Clearning Treatment

We each put together a list of things we felt were problems with our skin & what we were hoping to see as a result of using this product:

Ally’s List: 

  • Oily nose and chin
  • Large pores on cheeks
  • Chin & Nose Blackheads
  • Brown patches on my skin (thanks to Florida sun exposure and pregnancy-related Melasma)
  • Mild rosacea in cheeks.

**I’d love it if this product did not irritate my rosacea, reduced the size of my pores, cleared out my blackheads and all-around make my skin look brighter and more even-toned

Justin’s List:

  • Oily skin
  • Razor burn from shaving
  • Breakouts
  • Quite a few blackheads.

** Justin wants this mask to help absorb some of the oil from his skin, clear out some of his pores and reduce the appearance of breakouts and bumps on his skin.

This stuff was not like any other mask I’ve ever used. The consistency was very watery and it goes on really dark, so you felt like you were mud-painting yourself as you put it on. There were large flakes of clay in there as well which worked as nice exfoliating agents as you applied. We were noticeably apprehensive, and if you look closely you can see Justin rethinking all his life decisions, namely the whole idea of marrying/procreating with me.

Review: GlamGlow Supermud Clearning Treatment

The mask starts to dry instantly, turning a light gray color, except in areas of excess oil/gunkiness where it remained black. This was super gross to look at, but in a really cool way. I could not look away from the grossness.

Disclaimer #2: If you decide to try this mask with your significant other, make sure your kiddos are going to wake up half way through. Maisy kept bringing us towels like we didn’t know our faces were full of black goop and she was painfully confused.

Soon it was time to wash it all off, we waited the recommended 20 minutes. Justin’s mask never really turned gray because of the oil on his skin, whereas mine was mostly gray except for a few dark patches in my oiliest areas.

Review: GlamGlow Supermud Clearning Treatment

When we washed it all off we were both really impressed! The oil from Justin’s face was gone and his pores looked smaller and clearer. We also noticed the breakouts and razor burn bumps appeared smaller and less noticeable. While my brown patches were still there, I really felt like my skin looked brighter, it didn’t irritate the redness in my cheeks at all. My pores were definitely smaller and clearer too!

I was sold on this mask, and rushed right out to purchase the full-size amount. The only negative about this product was the excessive amount of packaging!

Review: GlamGlow Supermud Clearning Treatment/

Have you tried the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment? Did you love it or hate it and why?