Baby P’s Gender-Neutral “NERDsery”

Baby P's Gender-Neutral

Justin and I literally cannot even process that we have only 8-ish short weeks until we meet our new little Baby Pippin! We decided early on in this pregnancy that we didn’t want our pre-baby preparations to be too gender-specific. Our original plan was to wait to learn the gender when the baby was born, but we have never really been “surprise” people and we quickly decided we NEEDED to know!

The gender of Baby P, as we have lovingly come to call our little one, is still a mystery to our friends and family–we think at least some of them should be surprised! So when it was time to start putting together the nursery for our baby’s arrival, we thought hard on a gender-neutral theme the whole family would love.

Justin and I are not shy about our various fandom loves. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel Comics–there are so many different stories we love to share with Maisy that we know we want to share with this baby too. So the idea of The Nerdsery was born. We wanted a place where our loves could be subtly introduced from birth that was comfortable for a boy or a girl.

Maisy has been involved since day one, helping us paint the room and hand-selecting toys that she thinks the new baby will love. A favorite piece of mine for the room was the Doctor Who TARDIS mobile we ordered from Little Wren’s Nursery on Etsy.

You can browse my inspiration for this room on Pinterest:

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