Maisy’s My Little Pony 3rd Birthday


This November, our little Maisy turned three! When we started planning her birthday in September, she only wanted one kind of party – My Little Pony.

With a new baby, I could have so easily just cleared out the My Little Pony section of Party City, but I’m not really a fan of canned character parties so I decided to go crazy again.

The hit of the party was these adorable cookies by Lady Bug Cakes of the Mane 6. Pro party tip: have someone else use their amazing talents to make fancy desserts for you. These were so pretty and tasty and came wrapped up in individual bags tied with ribbon–instant favors!


Our little pony girl wore a fun Rainbow Dash dress from Boutique “Tar-jey” (Target. We found it at Target.) which she still insists on wearing at any opportunity. Our fun rainbow fringe and colorful straws came from Shop Sweet Lulu.


I took a page from Jenny’s Cookies book and decorated as much as I could with Maisy’s My Little Ponies.


I can’t believe our little girl is three! Want more fun? See Maisy’s Second birthday party here.

For inspiration for your own My Little Pony party, visit Ally Jean on Pinterest.