I’ll be pretty honest and say that I love donuts. It’s not yet an unhealthy obsession, but it’s getting there. While I was pregnant with Parker, I craved donuts on the regular and Justin made many trips to Dunkin so much they could recite our order before he could say “hello.”

It’s now become my life’s work to find – and eat! – the best donuts this great nation has to offer. It’s a mission I fully accept.



This week, our family took a little trip over to Universal Studios Orlando where we soon found ourselves in Springfield, home of everyone’s favorite cartoon family, The Simpsons!


The new Simpsons area of the park, known as Fast Food Boulevard, is full of some iconic eateries from the show including Krusty Burger, Duff Brewery and Moe’s Tavern.

But what instantly caught my eye (and made me open my wallet) was Lard Lad Donuts.


I’ve been watching The Simpsons for years and those iconic pink sprinkle donuts have been in my dreams just as long. So when we walked up to Lard Lads, I knew needed the Big  Pink.


And oh boy, it was BIG.

This doughnut was exactly the size of my face. EXACTLY the size. I had to hold it with two hands. I ate it with a fork and knife like a fancy person. So massive it’s definitely made to share and well worth your money.


The pink glaze was sweet and creamy and always remained soft but not melty, even after an afternoon in the stroller basket. In addition to being tasty, this donut was so pretty! Just look at that glaze shining in the sun!


Next time you’re at Universal, definitely stop down Fast Food Boulevard and let me know how you like the Big Pink!