A Short Stay at Virgin Hotels Chicago

It was a slow work week in June of last year when I made the decision. I was sitting in my cubicle, listening to Hamilton when I decided to look at how much it would cost to see the show in Chicago around my birthday.

Well I apparently blacked out and came-to about 10 minutes later staring at a screen telling me I’m going to Hamilton. I was so so so excited I made the purchase on the whim. And then I remembered I had to call my husband and explain the $400s missing from our checking account.

Totally worth it.

Justin and I don’t take many trips together, and I mean just together. We almost always travel with family or our kiddos and when this Chicago trip was coming closer we realized our little escape would be the first trip, just the two of us, since our Honeymoon.


We packed out kiddos up and sent them off with some amazing friends and family for the long weekend and it was off to the great white north for us!


This was my birthday trip and I wanted to go big: try new restaurants, stay in a fancy hotel, go out any pretend we didn’t have sweet little girls at home.

When looking at hotels for the days we were in the City, I stumbled across Virgin Hotels Chicago. It’s cool, hipster vibe hooked me instantly and we couldn’t wait to book.

It’s highly likely that the hotel was cooler than Justin and I, but we really enjoyed our stay there. I mean the elevators looked like chocolate bars!


The hotel had some seriously amazing amenities. Free WiFi, Two bars and lounges on site, one was a covered rooftop bar!

The Commons Club on the second floor offered free drinks to hotel guests beginning at 7. FREE DRINKS. Justin and I about died when we heard that.

We loved the cute little mini bar, including these tasty Champagne Gummy Bears from Sugarfina!

The hotel had these cute little tongue-in-cheek signs and labels on everything.

Everything in the room was controlled by Lucy, the interactive App. We could adjust the temperature in our room, order room service, and use the app to get recommendations around town. Justin had a field day with this!


I was obsessed with this makeup mirror and vanity. It was literally the most perfect place to do my makeup before hitting the town. I asked if we could take it home like 500 times.

The room was so cozy and boasted some seriously amazing views of the city. 10/10 would recommend.

Find more information about Virgin Hotels here!